Christian Trevino

10 Facts

1) Boys are 5x more likely to have autism

2) 30%-50% who have autism have seizures

3) People used to believe it was a form of schizoprenia

4) 1 in 68 kids have it ( 1 in 42 boys, and 1 in 189 in girls)

5) sey if neurological disorder impairs social communication and cognitive function

6) stereotypical behaivor

Body rocking, hand flapping, insistence of sameness, and resistance to change

7) signs in toddlers

Fail to respond to their name, avoid eye contact, lack attention, repetitive movement

8) if one twin has it, theres a 90% chance the other will

9) theres no known curr

10) more common then childhood diabetes, cancer, and aids

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I feel bad for kids with autism and I didnt know it was as common as it is. I also didnt know that it effects guys more and is more common then aids and all the other desease