Hearing is a sound investment!!

Job Descriptions/Duties

  • Provides treatment by cleaning ear canal; conducting auditory training and instruction in speech and lip reading; counseling patients and families;and guiding technical staff.
  • I would dislike cleaning peoples ears , but i would enjoy conducting audio training and counseling patients and families.

Personal Characteristics Needed

  • To be an audiologist you have be patient, sensitive, caring ,and tactful.
  • Also audiologist have exceptional skills in observation, concentration, and record keeping. Although audiologist are independent workers they should be able to communicate with there patients.

Education Needed

  • Standard courses include anatomy and physiology of the body as it regulates to hearing, speech, and language; communication disorders; and psychological aspects of communication.
  • Must have a licensing of audiologists.
  • Individuals must have a masters degree in Audiology from an accredited program. A professional or clinical doctoral degree is becoming increasingly necessary as state license requirements are revised.

Work Setting

  • Audiologist work in many different types of facilities.
  • Most work 40-50 hours per week; some work part-time.
  • They frequently work with other medical specialists, speech-language pathologists, educators, engineers, scientists, and allied health professionals.
  • As an individual worker it can be kind of stressful regarding to all the hours you will work a week.

Wages and Benefits

  • Audiologist earn a median annual salary of $71,170 and median hourly wages of $34.22 (U.S.)
  • I see this job providing enough income for me to live according to my expectations, but i will like more money than this.
  • Experienced workers can earn up to $100,000.

Similar Careers

  • A similar job to an Audiologist is an Audiology technician the instruct your ears to make sure everything is okay.
  • Yes my background would be able to help me get the job because i would already have experience.

Personal Assessment

  • Important things you should keep in mind is how the job works and what you will need to be doing for this job.
  • I think this occupation will be a good fit for me because i like what they do and how they pay.

Final Thoughts

  • Some pros for this job is that i will be able to help people with speech and language skills and also with there hearing, but some cons are i will have to clean out there ears before testing.


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