Jefferson City, Tennessee

About Carson-Newman

Carson-Newman University is a private, Christian liberal arts institution that combines both undergraduate and graduate academic programs with an overt mission of serving God through serving others. Carson-Newman’s five Steeples of Excellence denote central elements of the institution’s mission. Each of these programs focuses on work important to the University. They are the Appalachian Center, the Louis and Mary Charlotte Ball Institute for Church Music, the Center for Baptist Studies, the Center for Global Education, and the Wellness Center.
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Being at Carson-Newman is the best way to know how you fit at this top-ranked liberal arts university, founded in 1851.

See what your life can look like here. Walk our campus and get a sense that you will be an important part of an active campus that is 2,000 students strong.

Our welcoming Admissions staff will help you make that happen.


As coaches and staff, our mission is: "To recruit student-athletes that more fairly resemble the rest of the student body in their academic performance, social behavior, and spiritual beliefs". When we successfully achieve these objectives, winning and losing takes care of itself.