Kickstarter Campaign to Help Youth

Chess Game of Life is the 2013 change agent for youth

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Atlanta, GA., September 5, 2013 – Kickstarter has been used to fund a lot of innovative products including a large number of publishing books. Entrepreneur and Spelman Alumna Jennifer "Jaki" Johnson has launched a Kickstarter campaign for her upcoming book Chess Game of Life: 7 Strategies to Get Unstuck When Life Throws You a Checkmate that impacts youth and young adults as they become strategic leaders.

The book takes real life stories and parallels them to chess moves that can be used to maneuver through adversities. It helps them to navigate through life, understand the power of their potential and make strategic choices. In the book, Jaki discusses several of the adversities she had to overcome including being a juvenile delinquent, to a teen mom, to a high school dropout, to becoming a feature on-air radio reporter on Cox Radio, Cumulus Media and CBS Radio and receiving a full scholarship to Spelman College. Also in the book are interviews with thought leaders including CEO Cathy Hughes of Radio One/TV One and American Idol Winner and Grammy Award Winning Artist Fantasia Burrino who share their stories and advice on overcoming adversities. Each chapter strategy includes a personal story that correlates with how the strategy can be used.

The goal of the book is to help students to get unstuck despite their

current circumstances and to learn how to make their situations work for them.

Jaki quotes “I am on a movement to help youth and young adults to get to where they are supposed to be which is exemplifying their greatness from within and using it to impact the world. I am a firm believer that in order to become successful, you must first help others to become successful. It is not about you but the people you serve and with your help we can change the future of our youth one chess strategy at a time.”

The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $10,000, which will fund the full development and production of the book. Backers are offered a number of unique rewards, including the opportunity to have their name in the book credits, an autographed copy of the book, their name on the book website along with having books donated to students. The Kickstarter campaign was launched on August 13th and will run until September 18th at

Catalyst for Change – Jennifer “Jaki” Johnson is working to promote the campaign, including offering exclusive quotes, interviews and comments to the media. For more information, please contact Media Coordinator Latoya Wright-Johnson at 478-227-0591 and

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