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Students have been busy using technology in the classroom!

  • All ninth graders received Chromebooks to use in their classrooms and at home for class projects
  • 5th-grade students are using Google products to write letters to their pen pals from neighboring rival LeRoy
  • Fifth-grade students are assisting their first grade partners as they learn about using technology in the classroom
  • Teachers and students are using video apps for creative purposes

Google Pals

Mrs. Macy-Flint's class is engaging in an extremely rewarding and relevant learning opportunity for our students. They have connected with teachers in Le Roy, NY to work on a pen pal project. The students have used Google Apps for Education to communicate with students from LeRoy.

The first activity involved creating an “All About Me” presentation so the pen pals could get to know each other before sharing their written work. The fifth-graders have also read written work created by their "pals" and have provided feedback. One of the latest assignments has been a mid-year check in where the students gave their LeRoy friends an update on their school year and home life.

The students are excited to be the first class ever at Caledonia-Mumford to participate in the “Google Pals” project.

Google Friends

Mrs. McMullen's Fabulous Firsties have embarked on their journey learning in the 21st century. Fifth-graders from Mrs. Macy Flint's Class are assisting the students with how to log into their Google Classroom accounts, helping to create their own author vignettes and basic keyboarding skills. Many first-graders have already become experts on how to copy and paste images into their projects.

Google Classroom is basically a virtual classroom. Teachers can use their digital classrooms to post announcements, assignments, or questions. The students can also work on assignments together and be in separate rooms. It allows for the four components of the 21st-century classroom: critical thinking, creativity, communications and collaboration.

Chromebook Rollout

The ninth graders are the first students at Caledonia-Mumford to use Chromebooks. They have been impressed with their speed and ease of use! More information to follow next month on how they are using them in the classroom!

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a way teachers can distribute information to students. They can post announcements, create discussion posts, assign students' work and have them turn in it for grading. This can be done paperlessly! If your child's teacher is using Google Classroom, you can access it by going to Their username is their graduation date, last name, first initial An example is To learn more about Google Classroom click here.

Video in the Classroom

Watch the first video to see how Mrs. McMullen used her creative energy to produce a video on her students' 100 Days of Fun!

The second video was created by a reading group from Mrs. Cornwell's class. They made a movie trailer for the book Lon Po Po.

100 Days of Fun
Movie Trailer