Saving Our Planet

One Million Starts With One- by:

The Big Problem

Ever wonder how much energy you are using? Well, the answer is: A LOT. Here in Sarver I've taken notice to how much energy most people are wasting, and fact is: I've seen lots of it. This needs to stop. The sun's energy may be a renewable resource, but most of the energy we humans are using daily isn't. In addition to that, using nonrenewable energy sources is causing a ton of pollution.

Here at Buffalo Elementary, we are working on ways to reduce the amount of energy consumption. It is one the biggest problems out there. People should seriously stop and think about the consequences of wasting energy!!!!!!!!!! So to help out, I have created a list of ways we can all help to conserve energy.

Finding a Solution

Here's What You Can Do

- ride your bike and/or walk to school instead of riding the the bus

- car pool

- don't leave the lights on in a room you are not in

- take shorter showers

- turn off the water in the shower when you are using shampoo or conditioner

More Ways You Can Conserve Energy

- use energy efficient lightbulbs such as (the type shown in the second picture above)

- instead of sitting inside all day playing games and stuff on the computer, tv, video game consols, etc..., GO OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!!!! STOP WASTING SO MUCH ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XO