What you need to know about CRP

By: Rachel Jones

When is CPR needed?

CPR should only be preformed when when someone is not breathing and their heart is not beating.

How do you preform CPR?

  1. Check the victim for unresponsiveness and breathing.
  2. Once assured the victim is unresponsive call 9-1-1 and return the the victim.
  3. If the victim is still unresponsive, start CPR
  4. Push down in the center of the chest at least 2 inches in 30 compression segments.
  5. The compressions should be hard and fast at at least 100 compressions per minute, faster than 1 per second
  6. For every 30 compressions 2 breaths should be administered into the victim.
  7. Tilt the head back.
  8. Pinch the nose closed.
  9. Cover the victims mouth with yours.
  10. Give 2 breaths at 1 second long each.
  11. Continue with 30 compressions and 2 breaths until help arrives
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