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Thursday, March 19, 2015 - Bedford, TX

Spring Break Adventures

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A picture of a pier at Cocoa Beach during the summer taken from Mr.Ibrahim's camera.

Credits to S. Ibrahim

Scares at Cocoa Beach

Never be Unwary

By Atheer Ibrahim

-On my first day in Florida, my father, sister and I went to Cocoa Beach and saw something we all know we'll never forget.

We came home to my father's apartment and slept for about three hours. We were tired from a long flight and had to rest, but when we all woke up we immediately got dressed in our swim suits and headed to the beach. Regretfully, we had forgotten our towels (but somehow remembered to bring the Cheetos) and had to stop on the way to buy some, wasting the few daylight hours we had.

-Unfortunately, on the way to the beach we constantly got lost and had to go back. We were tired from the heat and dying of the boredom of riding in a car with a broken radio but as if by magic the familiar bridge that we had to cross to get to the coast appeared. We were overjoyed, and though we had little sunlight left, we decided not to waste the day and have fun in that short time. We got to beach and layed out our things on a sleeping bag because, as usual, we had forgotten everthing important such as towels and a blanket.

-The water was freezing but my sister and I dealt with it and played in the water with our bright yellow beach ball. We dug tidal pools and collected many seashells and just had fun for most of the visit, until we saw a few sea gulls circling near the water. I assumed it ws just a few fish about 200 yards from the shore, but i was wrong.

-As soon as I saw it I screamed for my sister to leave the water. A large gray fin streamlining through the sea. I ran as if I had enough energy to circle the world twice.

The alarm telling people to get out of the water sounded, though a bit too late and everyone left to go home because they were so distraught. I think its clear why I'll never forget Cocoa Beach.

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Picture resembling Abby looking at "rocks" on the moon taken from her own phone.

Credits to Abby Hoffmeister

Everything You Know Is False

Discoveries Can Still Be Made

By Atheer Ibrahim

-Recently, my sister Fatima and I have endured an experience that not only may have saved us, but gave us a great story to tell.

-I had a nightmare foreshadowing it all. I woke screaming after seeing monsters destroying the planet and its people, and thought nothing of it after I calmed down. That was my first mistake.

-I had grown too restless for sleep and remembered Abby, she had gone to the moon today, and I thought to call her. "I just had the worst dream, these rock creatures were attacking the whole world," I told her. "Whoa don't try freaking me out, I'm surrounded by rocks right now." said Abby. And that's when we heard it, "MRAH!" The same sound the monsters made in my nightmare. I started to get worried and Abby suddenly hung up the call.

-It was just my luck that for the second day of my vacation my father decided to get us a one night stay at the planetarium, and all the rocks from other planets kept returning the images from my terrible nightmare back. I woke my sister and we both snuck out of our room and headed down to the exhibits. I knew it was against the law but my dream felt so real I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep with all these moon rocks here. We collected them carefully and kept them all locked in the extra rabbit cage I had brought, in case the one my rabbit was using broke.

-I want to say I slept soundly, but that was definitely not the case. I tossed and turned, never falling asleep for fear of having that same dream. Fatima came to wake me, scared, and saying she was hearing low voices. Interested, I looked around the flat we were staying in above the planetarium, and saw something I never thought I would see.

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Shoes similar to the ones the possible mugging victim was wearing

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Stopping Crime, One Accident at a Time

All for the Jordans

By Atheer Ibrahim

-A story of how my mom accidentally saved a life last Saturday, outside a grocery store.

-Early one Saturday morning my mother headed to the local Wal-Mart, thinking of buying a few groceries and going home to start her weekend, but things don't always go as expected. She parked her car near the entrance and went into the store, unaware of the events waiting to happen.

-A man going by the name of Clyde had planned a mugging that day. He was going to pull a gun on his person of choice and escape quickly from the busy store in the middle of the day. Clyde had his mask, gun, and getaway vehicle at the ready. Obviously much thought and time had gone into this plan. He tried acting nonchalant as best as he could as he scoped out the people getting out of their cars for any signs of wealth, a few moments later he found his target. Out of a grey 2009 Mustang, stepped a man who shall not be named, dressed in bright clothing, but this was not what attracted Clyde. It was the $1,100 signed Air Jordan sneakers at the man's feet that caught his eye. He knew what he was going to do.

-While this was happening my mother had already finished her shopping and was loading the car. She sat in the driver's seat when she was done and proceeding to clean her sunglasses. This always took quite a bit of time for my mother, because any sunlight distracted her drastically if she was driving, any other time shed be perfectly fine.

-During this time, Clyde had already approached the man in the Jordans, pulling out his gun. he heard a moderately loud sound and looked over. Only to see my mother's car crushing his bike, the only thing Clyde had to ride away from the scene with the man's Jordans. My mother stepped out of the car ready to apologize and saw his gun. She was ready to scream but before she could Clyde fled and my mom was quieted in confusion. She quickly got back into her car, and drove home without knowing the man in the Jordans would tell all the students he taught about the experience, and about the woman in sunglasses who essentially saved his life.