182nd EDITION: February 12, 2021

From the Desk of Benji Winkelman

HOPE. I know times are especially tough right now. We all need encouragement, support and love more than ever, but I wanted to try and share with you a sense of Hope. Looking back just a few months ago, sports were dead in the water, with what seemed like no hope of playing. This past Tuesday the Boys Basketball Team played their first game and the Girls Basketball Team begins their season tomorrow. HOPE. All Sports are slowly beginning to come back to normal with the rest of our teams scheduled to begin practicing and competing very soon.

HOPE. At the beginning of the year Clubs and Organizations were frozen in time, nobody was allowed to meet or gather. Today, Clubs are meeting virtually, and they are continuing to conduct drives to collect items for charities, while inventing creative ways to provide members with opportunities to serve students, the community, build character, and develop leadership skills.

HOPE. This look back also includes our theater, art and music programs being placed in hibernation. Today, our theater program has developed a way to write, shoot and edit short films. The Music program continues to play on creating and developing new ways to practice and perform, while our Art students continue to make stunning illustrations and projects.

HOPE. I have hope that our school will not only survive but continue to thrive. Our development office never ceases to amaze me on the creative ways to recruit, promote and support our school. Teachers who continue to spend countless hours creating, implementing and assessing our students in new and meaningful ways. Students who continue to work hard, and parents who continue to support and choose Marian. All of these people that make up our Marian community give me hope. No matter what it seems like now, we have HOPE, and things will work themselves out in the end. I know it will. We are a family. We can do it!

Additional thoughts…….

It is also known to be hard to talk about mental health, especially to a large audience of people, but it is very important. It is okay to be mad and to be upset. It is okay to sometimes feel angry. It is absolutely okay to ask for help. Please if you need it, ask for help. Continue to impress upon your kids to reach out to you, a teacher, or a counselor, we are all here to help and support our students. I miss the regularity of what used to be everyday life. I’m sure a lot of people do too. I hope the best for everyone. I hope that everything going on will come to an end. I hope that everyone stays safe, happy and healthy.

Let me leave you with this, “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” The Serenity Prayer has been in the back of my mind since this has started. I hope it sticks with you as you read this.

Benji Winkelman

Dean of Students

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Ash Wednesday

Fr. Twenty will lead us in a short prayer service for Ash Wednesday during morning announcements on Wednesday. Blessed ashes will be distributed throughout the day to all in the building.


Dear Parents,

I wanted to thank you for calling in and letting our office know that your son/daughter will not be attending school for whatever reason. It really does help us keep accurate records of attendance during this very awkward and unusual time. As a parent myself, I do encourage my own daughter to advocate for herself and communicate to her teachers for assignments. Hopefully she, as well as all of our students, will learn how to effectively communicate with adults. Even though I want her to make the initial contact with the teacher, as a parent I do have to call into the office to explain why the absence is excused, even when we are remote. Again, thank you for supporting us by calling in and either speaking with us or leaving a message on the attendance line, it makes all the difference.

Benji Winkelman
Dean of Students

Sports are Back!

We are so excited to announce that all of our boys and girls basketball games and fencing meets will be livestreamed. Marian Central home games will be livestreamed through the NFHS Network. We have waived the subscription cost so you can watch the games free this season. For additional instructions on how to create your account, click here. You can get information on upcoming games through the athletic website and various Marian Central social media channels
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February Calendar

Please note that the February calendar will not change upon our return to the hybrid schedule. Tuesday, February 16th will be a red day.
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2021-22 Registration Fee - Returning Students

The deadline to receive the discounted registration fee of $200 has been extended through Wednesday, February 17th. The fee may be paid online using a credit/debit card (3% surcharge added), mailed to the office or your student may drop off payment on Tuesday, February 16th or Wednesday, February 17th. Beginning Thursday, February 18th, the full registration fee of $275 will be charged.

2021-22 Course Selection Process

The deadline for our current students to make course selections on Plus Portals for the 2021-22 school year is Friday, February 19. All of the information you and your student need to navigate the online process and to make the best course selections is available on our website at:

UPDATE: Due to the fact that we're remotely learning until Tuesday, February 16, students who need recommendations for courses should reach out to the appropriate teacher or department head via email to make the request. In these cases, no official recommendation form will need to be filled out. Teachers and Department Heads will email Guidance if a recommendation has been made.

Scavenger Hunt Postponed

Have you heard the good news? McHenry County recently moved to Phase 4 in the RESTORE Illinois Plan. With the new guidelines, we may have an opportunity to have an "in-person" event instead of a virtual event. As such, we are currently postponing the Scavenger Hunt and are exploring options for an "in-person" gathering. If you purchased a ticket to the Scavenger Hunt,

a refund will be issued.

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Next Week's College Visits

All juniors and seniors may attend these virtual visits. Students must receive permission from their teachers to attend each visit and must sign up for all visits in SCOIR. Students learning remotely on the day(s) of any visits will be sent links to access the presentations through their Marian Central email accounts.

U.S. Marines, 2/18, 3rd Period

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Daytona Beach), 2/19, 2nd Period

Practice ACT Test

Friday, March 12th

12:30 pm - 4:00 pm

at Marian Central

Please click here for additional information

Yearbook and Sports Team Photos - Update

Yearbook picture make ups and retakes have been rescheduled to Thursday, February 18th (RED) and Friday, February 19th (BLUE). Senior portrait retakes/makeups are taking place Thursday, February 18th from 3:00 to 3:30 pm. Remote student retakes/makeups are taking place from 4:00 to 4:30 pm. If your student would like a retake, please notify Mrs. DiSilvio at so that we can ensure a time slot.

Sports team photos will take place Thursday, February 18th and Saturday, February 20th. Specific times will be shared directly with each team.

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Order lunch from the Marian Central Cafeteria or from Napoli by clicking here.