Austin Clark

Basic Information


Some symptoms of Hemophilia is repeated vomiting, blood in urine or stool, and also long lasting headache. Some symptoms that affect daily life is many large or deep bruising which is because you have weaker blood vessels and u bruise easier. Also you have tightness in your joint and this makes it harder to lift heaver objects. The life expectancy of someone living with Hemophilia can life a pretty normal life or ten years shorter of a person without Hemophilia.


A person usually get Hemophilia from a female carrier to her child. The gene that it is mutated is the F8 and F9 genes.


There are no possibles cures for Hemophilia currently but they are trying to find one, right now they are centered the research around gene therapy. Some treatments for it are replacing the absent or abnormal clotting factors to prevent severe blood loss and complication from bleeding.

Other Facts

  • Hemophilia occurs in 1 out of 5,00 lives of male birth
  • nearly 90% of people with Hemophilia have HIV's and more than 50% of them die
  • Hemophilia occurs predominately in males. Women are carriers of the defective gene