Mixed Economy

Brenden D. Peyton C. Jose B. Bose N.

What is an Mixed Economy?

  • Economy that has some combination of traditional , command, and market economies; also system combining private and public enterprises.
  • Includes and reflects the idea of both capitalism and socialism within the government
  • Taxes used to collect revenue to pay for state goods and services for the enterprise
  • Mixed economies have a high level of state participation and spending, leading to the construction of public places and services.
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Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Regulates the abuse of monopoly power, by limiting the abuse of overly high prices.
  • Regulation and taxation of imports and exports with negative externalities.
  • The state provides the essential services for goods and services under the free market, including public goods, national defense, education and health care.
  • Managing the economy can be arduous whether or not the governmet should have any intervention.
  • Heavy taxes reduce incentives to work hard or make profits for investments.
  • Excessive control over business activity and discourage an enterprise

Is an Mixed Economy Sustainable?

Yes, mixed economies have been shown to include a variety of freedoms, it allows competition between producers with regulations in place to protect the society as a whole.

  1. Welfare for the poor
  2. social security for the aged and infirm
  3. labor and consumer regulation, minimum wages regulations
  4. private businesses can decide how to run their business
  5. Less income inequality

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Karl Marx and Adam Smith

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