Amy Reiseck

Merryhill School, Stockton California

Our job is to teach the students we have,
Not the ones we would like to have,
Not the ones we used to have,
Those we have right now,
All of them.

Dr. Kevin Maxwell

Technology Integration in My Classroom

Link to my class S'more: All Things First Grade

"Believing you can't integrate technology into your classroom until you become a techie is like believing you can't drive a car until you become a mechanic."


Character Counts - Responsibility


  • Thanksgiving Class Presentation
  • Pictures and video

"Learning is creation, not consumption. Knowledge is not something a learner absorbs, but something a learner creates."

"If we teach today's students as we taught yesterday's, we rob them of tomorrow."

Technology Process Board

Teachers were asked to create mini-process boards on an app they use in their class. The mini-process boards highlight how the app functions and an example of how the appw as used with the assignment/activity/task.
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Link to the Staff Professional Development Smore

This smore includes both Vanguard and Literacy Professional Development as well as upcoming events and reminders.


Art Show, K-8
  • video of students describing their art
  • pictures of individual art
  • text about the event

Technology Integration in Other Classrooms

Kindergarten - Mrs. Terrell & Mrs. Lennier

Technology Kindergarten uses in the classroom without an iPad.
  • ELMO Projector
  • Listening Centers
  • Pandora

1st Grade - Ms. Reiseck

  • Vanguard Lead Teacher
  • K-4 Lead Teacher
  • Scroll to top of this S'more for classroom evidence.

2nd Grade - Mrs. Baker

  • Pages
  • Research

3rd Grade - Mrs. Biedermann

  • YouTube
  • FlashCards
  • TimeForKids

4th Grade - Mrs. Lopez

  • Spelling City
  • YouTube
  • Padlet
  • List Selector
  • PicCollage
  • Keynote
  • Pages

Middle School

5th Grade Homeroom - Mr. Sousa

  • Spanish

Dictionary app., Flashcard app, research

6th Grade Homeroom - Mrs. Macedo

  • Math
  • 6th Grade Science

YouTube, Whiteboard app, Flashcard

7th Grade Homeroom - Mrs. D'Sousa

  • Social Studies
  • 5th and 8th Grade Science

iBrainstorm, iMovie, WordClouds, Supernotes,

8th Grade Homeroom - Mrs. Johnston

  • Language Arts
  • 7th Grade Science
  • Literacy Lead Teacher
  • 5-8th Grade Lead Teacher

Edmodo, Wordly Wise app, airdrop

Technology Class - Mrs. Teravaskis

Our technology teacher has K-4th grades twice a week and 5-8th grades once a week, all for 45 minute sessions.
"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

Looking Forward - Technology Goals

Media Center
  • Create a "google", or "Starbucks" type space in the Library for students to collaborate and use their devices.
  • iPad classes will also be held in this room.

iPad Classes
  • 5-8th grades, one 45 minute session per week (in addition to Tech. Lab time).
  • The goal is to teach iPad functions, app discoveries, etc.

Professional Development

  • In addition to monthly meetings and S'more Professional Development I will conduct Mini-PD's.
  • Examples of Mini-PD's include: How-To Create a QR Code, How-To create a Flyer on Pages, How-To use Numbers, How to use the app Skitch, etc.

Paperless Challenge

  • We will be working with various ways to use our iPad rather than paper.
  • We are hoping Schoology will fulfill many of these needs.


  • This summer we will be exploring Schoology.
  • We are hoping this site will serve many uses.
  • Blogging, Library of resources, grading, quizzes, polls
  • Paperless - agenda, forms, newsletters, flyers, rubrics, upcoming events

My Best Practices As A Vanguard Trainer

  • Padlet discussion boards worked well this year during Staff Meetings. A Padlet was frequently our "Bell Activity" at the beginnig of meetings. As we waited for everyone to arrive staff could reflect on the Padlet questions.
  • S'more, S'more, S'more... I love S'more! The staff PD Sm'ore I created each month with resources from the Vanguard S'more was like by our staff. I also discovered that I should keep one PD S'more going and not erase previous resources so they may refer back to previous PD information at any time.