Wierd animals

By:Serena Herenandez

Dumbo octopus

These enigmatic cephalopods are a pretty rare sight since they usually dwell in deep waters ranging from 400 meters to 4,800 meters, but the few times they have been spotted has revealed that they usually eat crustaceans and worms.

Pacu Fish

Pacus are vegetarian fishes that are traditionally found in the major river systems of South America. They look a bit like a piranha, but they’re usually a lot larger than your average piranha.


It remains in its larval stage throughout its life, which explains its feathery gills and lidless eyes. It also has remarkable healing powers.

Lake Xochimilco, on the outskirts of Mexico City.

An axolotl that loses a limb will quickly grow a new one and it can even regenerate complex body parts, including parts of its brain and its spinal chord.