Reigon: beach

Ocean Water near


Physical Geography: It is very hot in my town and plenty of sand and water, there is a lot of people in my town, also there is animals in and out of the water, lastly it storms quite a bit and it never snows.

Human Geography: Has a lot of jobs and schools, you can practice any religion you want, there are not that many diseases , a lot of of beach houses and other homes.

Historical events

The historical events that have gone on in my town well a couple of years ago there was a raining of basketballs and baseballs and a lot of houses where broken and there where a lot of minor injures. But now most of the buildings are rebuilt but there are some that are still some that are getting built. What they call the tragedy is the raining of basketballs and baseballs. Another thing that happened was there was a fire at a school and it burnt down but nobody was injured.

Primary source

March 6, 2014 Live interview,

Billy: well it started out as a beautiful day but then all of a sudden I see a basketball hit my windshield at first I thought it was a kid and I was about to kick someones butt but then there was another one and soon there where thousands. Then after a while It stopped so I went to look outside and there where millions of baseball and basketballs all over the city. People where calling ambulances and there where people on the ground crying.

Reporter: How did you feel when you saw the people?

Billy: I cant really remember how i felt i just remember that I almost passed out.

Secondary Source

Secondary Source; The day was great until that afternoon I was in my kitchen fixing lunch and then all I here is the news reporters screaming I dropped what was in my hand to go see what was going on turns out it was what they call the raining of basketballs and baseballs . I couldn't believe my eyes was I dreaming? I called my husband my mom and a lot of my friends they couldn't reveille it either! After a few days the news reporters said everyone was fine only a few minor injury's.


Some artifacts that have been found are of course skeletons, fossils, and some broken down buildings. But some different artifacts are handbooks of sports unknown, the oldest surfboard, and a ball that we are still trying to figure out what sport it goes to,

What acheologists/historians say about the town

Some things archaeologists say about the town is that the people who left the stuff behind renamed the town to Sportville because the town had a law that you had to play some kind of sport or else you got your head chopped off. It used to be called Leah's Ville. What historians say about the town are that the ball that they found didn't go to a sport they made it when they changed the law so that if anyone wanted to change it back there would be more sports to choose from to play but yet there is a handbook to plenty of sports so a lot of people a questioning there answer.


Some resources you need to live in my town are sunscreen, food, water, transportation, shelter, clothing, medicine, air conditioning, shower, washing machine, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, and weapons just encase. We have plenty of hotels and stores.