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Uniform Reminder

Friendly Reminder!

All band uniforms are due tomorrow, Friday, May 31st.

6th grade -

  • black polo shirt

7th and 8th grade -

  • white tux shirt, black tux pants, black vest, green bowtie/rosette, garment bag

High School -

  • Concert Ladies: black dress
  • Concert Men: black tux coat, white tux shirt, black tux pants, green vest, green tie
  • All HS: garment bag

Any student who has uniform parts outstanding will be charged 2 fees: a non-refundable cleaning fee ($10) and the cost of the uniform part. If the uniform is turned in late (but before the end of the year), the uniform part fee will be removed, but the cleaning fee will remain.

Thank you for helping us get these uniforms in!

Questions? Contact Us!

Kelly Rosselit - High School:

Adam Emeigh - Middle School: