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The Beroïa’s facial skincare range is a new approach to skincare from Canada. It is not just another addition to the continuously growing array of products with predominately natural ingredients, but is genuinely innovative in many aspects of its products. These are carefully formulated combining the most beneficial ingredients possible to address the full scale of needs and problems arising in connection with facial skin care.

Although it might seem unusual at first, that women and men of all ages, no matter if they suffer from dry or oily skin, if they are plagued by impurities and acne, or face the effects of aging skin with first or more advanced wrinkles and brown spots, or struggle with extreme skin sensitivity, even rosacea, could resort to the same products for the management of these different concerns, Beroia has turned the game around.

The starting point is not the problem, but the goal: healthy skin, which has been restored to its natural balance. The road to this goal leads over the ingredients, which have been used to the same intent by the people, who walked the streets of Beroïa, the name for the Syrian city of Aleppo in the times after Alexander the Great and well into modern times. The Solid Solution Facial bar has been formulated with one of the ancient world’s greatest beauty secrets, known for its use by Egyptian Queen Cleopatra: goat’s milk. Similarly, the benefits of the essential botanical oils used in Beroïa’s products have been known since antiquity, and are being rediscovered recently, as our awareness of the goodness nature has in store for us, is reawakened and brought to use again Eye Repair Cream

Beroïa’s 100% commitment to formulate all-organic, chemical-free, cruelty-free skincare with ingredients of the most beneficial and soothing properties and to stay away from any substances which have been shown to have possible other effects, make their skin care range ideal for the management of problem skin, even as hard to manage as rosacea. The beneficial properties of Beroïa’s innovative skincare have been proven in independent trials, where the overwhelming number of testers confirmed their effectiveness in the management of their particular facial skin care needs.

All products in the Beroïa range do without the addition of artificial preservatives, but use an entirely plant derived patented formula to guarantee product freshness. In case of the Facial Solid Solution Blend bar, all active ingredients are suspended in solid state and are activated once the product is moistened for application to the skin. A trade secret is used in the manufacturing process of this unique product, which combines goat milk derived AHA with an active range of antioxidant-packed botanicals, to yield the solid consistency of all ingredients, which are activated once the product is moistened and applied to the skin in a fine, microdermabrasive layer..

The way Beroïa assures that 4 products are enough to suit everybody and every skin problem, are through detailed usage recommendations varying the number of applications and product amounts to be applied. Beroïa Nourishing Day cream, Rich Night Cream, and Eye Repair Cream complete the range, which convinces also through its simplicity.

All in all is the Beroïa range a most welcome skincare innovation, embracing this new simplicity without compromising at all on efficiency.

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