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Keeping you informed - March 2021

Ladies and Gentlemen. Let's get ready to...OPEN!!!

Words to Remember

With the news that we are coming closer to reopening, I would like to take this time to remind everyone of our District’s mission statement-

“All members of Palm Springs Unified School District are united in our commitment to equity. We create deep, meaningful learning opportunities, build professionalism, and engage parents and community, to ensure success for all students. All students graduate with the skills, capacities and confidence needed to succeed in a rapidly changing world.”

Now, more than ever, for our students, we all must truly commit to the mission of our district. For us to do what we need to do for our students during this very challenging time, we must be committed to excellence. Esteemed author, Heidi Reeder is quoted as saying “Commitment is the foundation of great accomplishments.

Our next newsletter will not be published until after spring break. On behalf of the business services department, we wish you a terrific spring break!

Transportation Services

Reminder to Principals

Please remember that every time there is change, (add or drop) in participation to the Learning Hubs, it affects the bus route pickup and drop off times. Once new students are added and a new stop is created, we are obligated to allow the First Student bus driver to do a dry run of the route the day prior to implementation. When we have students failing to show up at the stops it is important that we readjust the route, so we do not get to a stop early or late thus preventing frustration to the families.

As for safety protocols on the bus, the drivers have been instructed to adhere to the following:

  1. Driver and Students are required to wear a mask at all times.
  2. Lower 3 windows on each side of the bus at least 2 inches to allow for cross ventilation.
  3. Each student is given hand sanitizer upon entry into the bus.
  4. Students are loaded from the back of the bus to the front to promote as little contact as possible.

Purchasing, Warehouse and Reprographics

Ready for Reopening!

Purchasing, Warehouse and Reprographics has been working on reopening supplies and services. As part of the COVID Task Force, we have been out the school sites, ensuring product is in place.

Being out at the school sites, brings our work into perspective for continuing to serve students and staff.

Nutrition Services - Eat Right, Future Bright.


Nutrition Services is ready to begin our Grab-and-Go Meal service when students return to Hybrid instruction! Each student will be offered a meal bag that contains a lunch, and a breakfast meal that can be consumed the next day before arriving at school. Nutrition Service Staff members will be staged at each exit points ready to serve the students as they exit campus.

Curbside service will continue each Wednesday for the remainder of the school year. Parents can still pick up a weeks’ worth of meals for the children every Wednesday morning.

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Maintenance & Operations

Facilities Planning

School Marquees

The school marquee projects are winding down. All high and middle school marquees have been installed.

Facilities Planning has received Division of State Architect approval on all required elementary school marquees and estimates completion of the elementary marquee in the two months. The photo below is the contractor drilling for the marquee footing at Bella Vista Elementary School.

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Fiscal Services


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Mary Mills is the next newest member of the Fiscal Services department. Mary is a payroll specialist handling Classified employees with last names starting with A – K. This is a challenging position requiring complete familiarity with the bargaining agreements, state and Federal labor laws, and the retirement systems. Mary can multitask!

Mary is married to Chuck Mills, very well-known teacher at James Workman, and has two sons, Ben 28 and Joe 26. Mary and Chuck have lived in the area for 32 years after moving from Orange County. Mary and her family are huge sports fans for all Southern California teams. They also love golf and have picked up pickleball recently as well. Mary loves to bake and solve jigsaw puzzles in her free time.

Here is a great picture of Mary and her family.

Contact us

For additional information related to Business Services, please contact: Kris Murphy