2019-2020 STAAR/EOC Testing


2019 December EOC

Tuesday, December 10th: English I

Wednesday, December 11th: Algebra I

Thursday, December 12th: English II

Friday, December 13th: Biology

Friday, December 13th: US History

2020 April EOC

Tuesday, April 7th: English I

Wednesday, April 8th: English II

2020 April STAAR

Tuesday, April 7th: 4th & 7th Grade Writing

Tuesday, April 7th: 5th & 8th Grade Math

Wednesday, April 8th: 5th & 8th Grade Reading

2020 May EOC

Tuesday, May 5th: Algebra I

Wednesday, May 6th: Biology

Thursday, May 7th: US History

2020 May STAAR

Thursday, May 7th: 8th Grade Science

Friday, May 8th: 8th Grade Social Studies

Tuesday, May 12th: 3rd, 4th, 6th, & 7th Grade Math

Tuesday, May 12th: 5th & 8th Grade Math Retest

Wednesday, May 13th: 3rd, 4th, 6th, & 7th Grade Reading

Wednesday, May 13th: 5th & 8th Grade Reading Retest

Thursday, May 14th: 5th Grade Science

STAAR Student Report Card

May 2019 EOC scores will be available in the STAAR Assessment Management System on May 29, 2019.

STAAR Scores for grades 3-8 will be available in the STAAR Assessment Management System on June 12, 2019.

Follow the instructions below to access your child's STAAR Report Card.

How to Access the STAAR Report Card:

1. Go to www.texasassessment.com

2. Click on "Find My Unique Student Access Code"

3. Enter first name, social security number for PEIMS ID, and date of birth

4. Click "Go"

5. The access code will populate and click "Go" again

6. To see the full STAAR student report card click on the name of the test

7. "Approaches Grade Level" is considered satisfactory (passing) by state standards

Understanding your child's STAAR Report Card

Information about the new STAAR Report Card

Student Success Initiative Requirements for 5th & 8th Grades

Gina Slover

District Testing Coordinator, Big Spring ISD