Lighthouse Family Retreat 2014

Serving children and families with childhood cancer

A little information about Lighthouse

Lighthouse serves families living through childhood cancer at seaside retreats, enabling them to laugh, restore family relationships, and to find hope in God. 12-16 families attend each retreat, where they are served by volunteers, like myself, who are completely dedicated to providing daily responsibilities for them, including meals, housekeeping and general pampering so they can leave the chaotic world of childhood cancer behind and focus on having fun, relaxation and just being together.

Thank you for your support!

We cannot wait to see how God uses us to love on these families. In July, the 4 of us Jones' will be serving on retreat 9. In June, Kelly and Taylor will be leading our transit families on their 7th grade mission trip to lighthouse. Our goal is to raise 4,300 for both trips. Every bit helps us to reach our goals and give these families a chance to laugh again together. Please keep us and these families in your prayers. Thank you so much!


If you would rather send us a check:

Make it out to Lighthouse Family Retreat. Our address is 9905 Barston Court Alpharetta, Georgia 30022

A note from Taylor and Gavin

My favorite part of lighthouse is watching the children laugh and making new friendships. I love holding the little kids and making them feel special. Thank you for making this possible. Love, Taylor
My favorite part of lighthouse is the talent show and watching the children and parents have a fun time together and it helps them to laugh and make special relationships. I also love Italian night! Thank you for your support and helping us to go to lighthouse and for helping these families. Love, Gavin