By Jessica Youssef

Why does jupiter weigh more than earth?

Jupiter is 300 times bigger than earth .If a body weighs 32 kilos on earth it will weigh 84 kilos on jupiter.There is more gravity on jupiter than on earth.

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The Sun

The Sun is a star at the centre of the solar system.The tempreture of the Sun is about 10,000 Fahrenheit (5,600 Celsius).The tempreture rises from the surface of the sun inwards to the very hot centre of the sun where it reaches about 27,000,000 Fahrenheit (15,000,000 Celsius).The tempreture of the sun also rises from the surface outwards into the atmosphere.The uppermost layer of the solar atmosphere, called the corona reaches tempretures of millions of degrees.

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Our Planets

Pluto is no longer a planet now it is named the dwarf planet.The orbits of the planets obey Kepler's laws of planetary motion,and are elliptical in shape.

The orbital periods of planets range from 88 days (Mercury) to 164.8 years (for Neptune)Jupiter is the largest of the planets, and has a mass which is 318 times that of the Earth. Mercury is now the smallest planet, and is just 5.5% of the Earth’s mass of 5.97 × 1024 kg.

Now that's all i know about space thankyou for reading and learning more about space from me.