For Sale- Talking Drum 1600-1800

Asking Price: $549.99

This Talking Drum is a piece of history!

These drums can talk, or imitate speech. You can make it talk with the way you strike it, for example you can Tap the drum with your fingers and it produces a sound different from playing it with your palms, or striking it in the center, on the rim or on its side. You can also buy maracas, triangles, gourds, bells, pairs of hardwood sticks (male and female) called claves, thumb pianos and other items that you hit or shake to make people dance and gods listen. These instruments were made in Nigeria and they were used to entertain guests at weddings and other ceremonies and occasions. The drum is made of wood and leather chords that come down to the other head of the drum. You should buy this today and start your own band! You can buy different instruments from this time period in Nigeria, or from all different times and contrast the sound! You can wake up your parents on Christmas, or wake up your kids for school! This can be used for many different things, especially making loud noises! Buy yours today and wake up the world!

For Sale Now $549.99

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This has a life time warranty that it will be loud (As long as you play it correctly and/or it is not broken)