Teachers Can Still Learn!

Learning Never Goes Out of Style!

Don't Get Left Behind!

Students are not the only ones who are being left behind. Teachers are not able to keep up with the most current technology and that is putting a strain on their teaching style. Over the summer I took an online class that was recommended by the county I work in on some new strategies that are being used to work with children with Autism. Individual states could offer short courses that keep teachers up to date with technology. Or they could offer a school wide information session one day after school and that would give the staff a more hands on approach. This could improve the master of the NET-S standards as well. Staff members are just getting the basic gist of the standards and a power point presentation or online seminar could improve teacher's knowledge of the standards.

Each state has different standards that they hold students to. And teachers should be held to certain standards too. A teacher's job is ensure that their students get the best education possible. That standard is hard to measure because you can't score that. Every student learns differently so it is up to the teacher to figure what teaching style works best for each subject or lesson plans. Teachers need to be exposed to new teaching styles and new technology so that so the students don't get bored and uninterested. A way to do that is something that many teachers use already; Pinterest. The website allows teachers to share and exchange ideas across the country. If there were a teacher's membership plan that allowed them to pay a certain amount a year for unlimited sharing, nobody would be left behind.