Hotel Banquet Manager

In Depth

Job Responsibilites

A Hotel Banquet Manager has many responsibilities. These responsibilities include the achievement of budgeted food sales, beverage sales, and labor costs, control of banquet china, cutlery, glassware, linen, and equipment. Other responsibilities are listed as being able to complete actual budget function sheets, being able to develop and maintain all department control procedures as well as completing banquet bar requisitions.

Skills and Personal Characterisitics

As a Hotel Banquet Manager, personal must be able to manage stress, multi task, keep track of records, incorporate creativity and inventiveness, and maintain a responsible attitude. Managers also must be able to have knowledge of products, maintain social skills (communication skills, conversation), have a passion for their job, and have a positive mindset.
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Training and Education Requirements

All personal applying for this job position must have a degree or three year diploma in hotel management. Previous experience in similar job positions or a minimum of four years as a Banquet Supervisor and experience in hotel management software is required.

Working Enviroment

Maintaining this job position will allow personal to work at clubhouses, hotels, restaurants, college dining places, etc. Personal in this job position must be able to handle under variable temperatures (extreme heat or cold), under variable noise levels, outdoors/indoors, fumes/chemicals/odor hazards, and dust/mite hazards.


The average salary per year as of 2016 is $51,971. This is as a full time position.
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