March Team News

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Know and Share your "Why"

There are many times in life when I've jumped into something with a lot of excitement. Sometimes big decisions, sometimes much smaller, but no less enthusiastic. And then things get hard. It is in those moments it is important to remember the why. When we remember what led us to a decision it helps to have a long-term view, and to encourage others who may be considering the same decision. The same is true for your business. Why did you join Norwex? What drew you? How has it benefited you and your family? I joined Norwex because I love free stuff so I couldn't resist a free kit! Then I fell in love with the products. And then I came to truly believe in the mission. And now I can say I LOVE the paychecks, too! Norwex bought me a used minivan!! I love that Norwex appeals to so many people for so many different reasons. It seriously is an amazing opportunity that I love to offer to my customers and hosts. So when I have days when a host cancels or I might hesitate to share the Norwex opportunity with someone, I pull out my why. Why is it that I love Norwex? Well, let me remind myself. Why wouldn't I share this with someone else?! I do believe the Norwex business opportunity IS our best product!!

February Recognition and News

Resources for Training New Recruits

Norwex On Purpose: Well Worth Your Time!

Norwex on Purpose (NOP) is a great time to bring potential recruits and to learn more about the company and products! There are product giveaways and resources that are fabulous and exclusive to NOP meetings!

If your potential recruit signs up that night they get a $50 shopping spree! So plan ahead so they are ready to launch in the 15 days from the event!

You sign up under Events and News>NOP Meetings.

Here are the Michigan Events! There are many many locations, check it out online to find out when it is in your area if you aren't in MI!

Rochester, MI - Thursday, March 12, 2015 - Courtyard Detroit Auburn Hills, 2550 Aimee Lane, Auburn Hills, MI 48236 7-9:15 pm

Ann Arbor, MI - Tuesday, March 10, 2015 - Webers Inn, 3050 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 7-9:15 pm

Product Training!

The BEST product we have to offer: The Business Opportunity

Here are some of the questions we discussed at our monthly meeting! What would you say?

What holds you back from sharing?

What first interested you about the opportunity?

What "sold you" that you wanted to join?

What are reasons you love being a consultant?

I LOVE doing the Ask ME About My Job Game! I set a timer for 3 minutes and tell guests that they have three minutes to ask me any question about my job. What my commission is, How much free product I earn, how much it costs to get started, if I can earn trips, if I'm growing my team... (Basically all the things I want them to ask I give as examples so they are fresh in their minds!) Then I give out tickets and do a drawing after. I love answering because Norwex is SO generous and our compensation plan is so great, everyone is always impressed!! I really really recommend doing this game at EVERY party!!! Even Facebook!

So, what are the facts that people are most interested in?

  • 35% COMISSION!!!! WOW!
  • Norwex is only in 2% of homes in the US. There is a very real growth potential!
  • The kit is $0 down and free with $2,000 in sales in 90 days. With our generous commission that means even if you don't hit $2,000 you have it paid for with one $600 party!
  • The Fresh start program and ongoing giveaways are so generous!
  • The products! Customers are blown away and want more at a discount!
  • They always ask how many I have on my team. Even if you are just starting, you can let them know you are looking to grow your team!!

What can you do to support your new consultants?

  • Bring them to team meetings and Norwex events!
  • Have them shadow you at your parties to gain confidence and learn more about the products.
  • Check in! Find out what form of communication they prefer and ask them how they are doing!

Start up: Full Kit or Promotional Kit?

Notice I didn't say "Full Kit or Free Kit"?

Because the full kit can easily be free, too! I always tell people that with just the sales from one $600 the kit is paid for! They want that mop!!

If someone is interested in joining, I always start by talking about our full kit during promotional months. It is ALWAYS a great deal!!

Tip: I do not present the free kit as a box of free Norwex for whoever wants it at a party. This will really undercut a host's sales, which is not the goal. I talk about it as a risk-free opportunity to start their own business. Some will still see it as a way to get the product free, and that is fine. You don't want to stop someone from signing up, because you never know who will be your next rockstar consultant!

April Meeting

Monday, April 6th, 7-9pm

1150 Thames Dr

Rochester Hills, MI

Due to Easter Week, our next team meeting will be on MONDAY April 6th from 7-9pm. I look forward to having you join us!

Bring any new/potential recruits!

Topic: Events/Expos/Fundraisers!

  • How to find and evaluate events and expos
  • Inventory: What and how much to bring?
  • How do you divide sales and contacts when you do an event with someone?
  • The why and how of fundraisers
  • How do you follow up with customers?
Product Training: Selected Personal Products!

Contact Me!

As always, I'm here for you except when I'm with my sweet crew! :) Feel free to email/message me with your questions or shoot me a text with anything pressing! If I'm delayed in responding, please have mercy! These incredible munchkins keep me on my toes! :)