The Style Squad's Rockstar Round-up for November!

Welcome to all of our Newbies!!

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I would like to take a minute to welcome all of the Stylists in their Jumpstart who are new to the Style Squad!

Claire Brien
Amanda Chester
Tina Gale
Katie Drury
Felicia Neil
Kim Rutter
Alison Tysoski
Shannon Walsh
Natalie Waters
Andrea Wilford

If we haven't met yet, I am your upline Director, Rebecca O'Connor, and I look forward to watching your businesses soar! You are going to have a blast being a Stylist! If you have any questions at all, please contact your fabulous Sponsor or anyone in your upline Leadership Team (you will find your leadership team on your Business Dashboard page)! Find a monthly team meeting in your area and get connected with other Stylists! This business is more than just selling jewellery and accessories ... you are now part of an amazing community of women who are here to support you!

If you haven't already, please request to join our team Style Squad Facebook Group and our greater GTA Stylist community The Couture Club.

... and Here's Some Recognition!

November was a fabulous month, in sales, sponsoring and promotions! And nothing like a Black Friday sale to end the month with a bang!

Please join me in congratulating the Top Ten in Sales for the month:

  1. Sonya Sedgwick ~ 6,486.48
  2. Rebecca O'Connor ~ 6,154.15
  3. Sara Pritchard ~ 4,442.02
  4. Lori Heffernan ~ 3,586.84
  5. Jacy Barillari ~ 3,515.10
  6. Roxanne Serra ~ 3,277.65
  7. Melissa McClement ~ 2,539.82
  8. Diana D'Amato ~ 2,493.80
  9. Tanya Benson ~ 2,437.17
  10. Rhonda Brown ~ 2,382.27
The following Stylists sponsored and welcomed newbies to their team in November:

Sonya Sedgwick ~ 2 new Stylists
Melissa McClement ~ 2 new Stylists
Rebecca O'Connor ~ 1 new Stylist
Dayna Clancey ~ 1 new Stylist
Lori Heffernan ~ 1 new Stylist
... and we had some exciting promotions!!

CONGRATS to Jacy Barillari on her promotion to STAR!

So excited to welcome you to the Leadership ranks, Jacy! You have a fabulous business ethic, you are effortlessly stylish and your love for this business and support for your growing team will propel you to huge heights in 2015! Oh, the places you will go!

Congrats!! XO

Check out our new Associate Stylists!

Style Squad Christmas Get-Together

We are trying to nail down a date for our annual Style Squad Celebration, and I promise to have that info out in the next day or so. Stay tuned!
With Dot Dollars earning on until December 15, amazing Trunk Show Exclusive Offers to share and the ability to offer help to anyone buying gifts this season, we have no reason not to make December a record-breaker!!

Let's Do This!

Rebecca XO

Rebecca O'Connor, Director and Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot