the Winskill Weekly

Nothing GREAT was ever achieved without enthusiasm-Emerson

A few important notes

*We've accomplished SO much, but there is much left to do! Please join me in making these last weeks of school as meaningful and valuable as all of the weeks that came before. I challenge all of us- students and staff to make every single moment count.

*May's Faculty Leadership meeting has been moved to Wednesday, May 13. We will meet in the library at 3:30. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please notify me ahead of time.

*Faculty Leadership met this past Wednesday. It was decided that Pinks and Blues should be completed by May 6. Rather than trying to set up multiple after school meetings during a very busy time of year, I will be joining each grade level's PLC meeting the following week to begin the process of creating class lists. Once we have the beginning base lists built, Katherine and I will meet and use the recommendations from the special education team to add those students with IEPs to the class lists. I would like to go over those preliminary lists with the specials and Title 1 staff to get their input/insight at their PLC meetings in the following weeks. I must stress the word preliminary because there are many factors that come into play when creating these lists and there may be changes that occur over the summer. Again- no teacher name will be assigned to any list until August.

Further information from our last Faculty Leadership meeting will be coming this week, along with an updated Fire Drill Evacuation Map and instructions. #Fistbumps to Brenda, Chelsea, Brandy, Megan, Karly, and Tina for their work at Wednesday's meeting!

#Highfives to Brandy, Missy, Patrick, and Cassy for continuing the tradition of taking Winskill Second Graders to Orchard Manor. What an incredible gift this experience is for everyone involved.

*#Fistbumps to all of those who are involved in this crazy IEP season! There is so much that goes into dotting every i, crossing every t and making those meetings run smoothly. I have especially appreciated Danielle's willingness to jump in as the 4K rep on a multitude of 4K & ECE IEPs... Thank you to Katherine and the special education team for so graciously including me.

* #Highfives to Patty Francis and Marcia Chambers for their help in setting on for the Friends of Winskill Movie Night. Their laughter and high spirits really helped set the tone for the evening as they filled bag after bag of popcorn and helped set up the the tables loaded with soda for the 320+ movie-goers. #Fistbumps to Missy Sperle for being a part of the cleanup crew, helping to make sure that every last kernel of popcorn was swept up before we departed for the evening.

#Fistbumps to Karly, Jim, Margaret, and all of our 4th grade students who were involved in planting seedling trees at Baus Park last Thursday in honor of Earth Day/Arbor Day! It was a great example of school and community working together. Employees from the City of Lancaster and Grant County, including Steve Winger, Aja Taylor, John Hauth & Grant County Forrester Patrick joined in to make the day even more special.

#Highfives to Danielle, Sue, Kristie, Vicki, and Diane for joining me in the 4K interviews this upcoming Thursday. I would like to be able to make a recommendation to the school board at the May meeting. #FingersCrossed

*I have a confession to make. I am addicted to Lip Sync Battle. These clips just make me laugh. Please enjoy the one below when you have the chance or just need a mental break!

John Krasinski's Bye Bye Bye vs. Anna Kendrick's Steal My Girl | Lip Sync Battle

A Ted Talk on Early Childhood Education...worth a watch

The Healthy Child: Assembly Required | Kathleen Gallagher | TEDxUNC

Looking Ahead...


4/27/2015 Make it Awesome Monday

1:45 Pizza Party: Lange, Brunton, Hinderman, Sperle, Johnson, Martin, Enloe, Bussan & Moefu 2:15 Pizza Party: Ingebritsen, Marenes, Ralph, Schaefer, Pross, Lawinger, Addison, Price & Roesch

PALS assessment window opens today.

Missoula Tryouts at Winskill in Presentation Room & Gym 1 @3:30

K-2 RtI meeting- Jodi's room

4/28/2015 Take it to the Top Tuesday

Missoula rehearsal at LHS

4/29/2015 Wonderful Wednesday

Missoula rehearsal at LHS

Leah out

4/30/2015 Thrilling Thursday

4K interviews- 11:45-3:45

Missoula rehearsal at LHS

5/01/2015 Freaky Friday

Mid-quarters due

Missoula Performance at Hilary Auditorium @7:00 pm

5/04/2015 Monday, Monday

3-5 RtI Mtg- Tina's Room (AB,HM,WT,MC- Price)

5/05/2015 Tuesday

Mezera Hospital Trip @8:30

9:00 am Admin Mtg- Leah

5/06/2015 Wednesday

McWilliams Hospital Trip @8:30

Nurses' Day

Pinks and Blues due

3:30 Staff Meeting -Library

5/07/2015 Thursday

Chambers Hospital Trip @8:30

5/08/2015 Friday

Straka Hospital Trip @8:30

Champion Games

5/11/2015 Monday

3:30 K-2 RtI Mtg- Jodi's room

5/12/2015 Tuesday

9:00 am Admin Mtg- Leah

5/13/2015 Wednesday

3:30 PBIS Meeting-Miranda's room

3:30 Faculty Leadership Meeting- Library

5/14/2015 Thursday

Second Grade to Madison Zoo

5/15/2015 Friday

First Grade Grandparents Day 12:00-1:10

5/18/2015 Monday

3-5 RtI- Tina's room (WK- Moefu; DB- Moefu: BK-Roesch; HA- Johnson)

5/19/2015 Tuesday

Kdg Circus Dress Rehearsal 4K PM @1:15

5/20/2015 Wednesday

Kdg Circus Dress Rehearsal 4K AM @8:20

5/21/2015 Thursday

Kdg Circus @ 8:30

5/22/2015 Friday

Kdg Circus @8:30

Race For Education 5K Run

5/25/2015 Monday

K-2 RtI in Jodi's room

5/26/2015 Tuesday

5/27/2015 Wednesday

5/28/2015 Thursday

5th Grade State Travel Fair

5/29/2015 Friday

6/01/2015 Monday

3-5 RtI Tina's Room (PO, KK- Addison; SH-Enloe)

6/02/2015 Tuesday

First Grade to Schreiner's Park