McMillen HS Band Boosters

August 2019

Welcome to the McMillen HS Band!!

Dear Band Parents,

Welcome to the McMillen High School Band!! We are excited to begin another year! A special “Hello” to all our new members. And a wonderful “Welcome Back “to our returning families.

This first newsletter may be a bit long, but bear with me. Future ones will be shorter!!

The transition to high school can be a time of high anxiety and excitement. Participation in band is a great way to make new friends and find your place in your new (larger) school. The BAND is one big family with a place for everyone. We are glad you are here and I am looking forward to meeting each of you. I have already had the pleasure of meeting several of you and hope to meet more of you soon.

As you know we welcome a new band director this year: Mr. Josh Kurzweil. Mr. Kurzweil comes to us with 16 years of band experience from McKinney North High School. We are so happy to have him!!

Miss Lindsay Barnhill is returning for her second year with McMillen Band. The parents and students are so happy she is with us, as she brings positive energy to the band program and the students love her!

In addition to the dedicated directors and hard-working and talented students, the Band program depends on the support of the McMillen High School Band Boosters – all of you!!! If you have a student in the Band program, you are a Band Booster.

The Band Boosters provide support to the McMillen Band in many ways:

  • Chaperoning football games, contests, and trips

  • Providing the students treats, snacks, and meals during summer band and marching season

  • Providing financial support by supporting and organizing fundraisers

  • Organizing and volunteering for memorable events such as the March-a-thon, Band socials, and End of Year Gala

And that is just a few of the things….

Your involvement in these activities is essential for the continued success of the band. We appreciate you being giving of your time, whether a little or a lot. But if you are not able to give your time, providing donations of snacks, drinks, etc. is very much appreciated as well. There are opportunities for every type of talent.

Volunteering for the Band Boosters means being part of something that allows you to contribute to all of our students’ positive band experience. The personal rewards you will receive as well as the friends you will make, makes it all worth it!

And there has already been a lot of volunteering going on these past few months. I want to give a shout out to these amazing board members and volunteers that have given up their summer time (and family time) to help with band activities, not just these last couple of weeks, but even before that.

  • Susan Rice and Anna Walker – Our supply chairs have been busy since April, getting everything ready and getting everyone their ‘stuff’. They are still at it, as it seems we add new members every day. Awesome job!

  • Paula Heston – Our new treasurer hasn’t missed a beat, whether setting up MTK forms or getting the finances ready to go. She has been working overtime to make sure everything is in order.

  • Stephanie Ownby, Shawn Ryan, and Nicole Broeckel (and the team of volunteers) – The uniform team has been busy making sure everyone is fitted and ready to go. They worked overtime on Monday, not just checking out uniforms and getting them back for photos, but having to last minute fit a few students as well.

  • Cyndi Daugherty - Our summer meals chair has valiantly fed students during summer band camp. Keeping track of over 100 meals a day is not an easy task. Her team of volunteers has been most excellent!! They have everyone through the line in about 15-20 minutes.

  • Ken Oltmann and Heather Oltmann – Photography chairs who endured individual photos on supply pick up day AND band photos on the 5th. It is quite an undertaking to organize 15 sections and an entire band in less than 90 minutes.

  • Doug Willett and Family – Props are their thing and within 5 days of saying he would take the position, Doug, along with the following dads, Jason Freeman, Kevin Simons, and Mark Taylor, moved the props from storage, in Wylie, to McMillen. This was a big undertaking considering the weather, and they did it quickly and efficiently.

  • Josh Martin – webmaster extraordinaire has worked this summer to get the calendar updated and the website ready to go.

  • Erica Johnson – VP and jack of all trades. Just helping with anything that needs doing, with a smile.

I am sure I am missing people and I apologize. I can’t thank these people enough along with all the parent volunteers that they have assembled.

There are many more volunteering opportunities coming up, so watch for messages on how you can sign up.

MAKE SURE YOUR VOLUNTEER APPLICATION HAS BEEN APPROVED!! You cannot volunteer without it!! The link is:

For those that may not know, here are the band directors email addresses:

Mr. Kurzweil –

Miss Barnhill –

We are starting our SnapRaise fundraiser. This fundraiser will help offset the cost of the local trip in April. So please encourage family and friends to support your student and the McMillen band! (Just FYI…2 years ago, enough was raised that every student went at no cost!) Let’s make that happen again!!

Looking forward to a great year!! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Minoo Wille

McMillen High School Band Booster President, 2019-2020

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Crime Watch: ‘Band’ from Band Volunteering

The band booster wagon along with a load of lunch supplies turned up missing on Thursday morning, August 1. It was nowhere to be found. Cyndi Daugherty had to get the kids fed! She employed the services of Officer Fred to find the culprit by examining security camera footage. And what it showed was surprising. Ms. Elizabeth Galvan, 10th grade parent and tireless volunteer, along with being a PISD teacher at Hunt Elementary, was shown absconding with the wagon and supplies and putting them in the school library! She should know that they belonged in the BAND LIBRARY/SUPPLY ROOM inside the directors’ office. But instead, she caused great chaos by putting it in the school library, where band items do not belong. Officer Fred paid Ms. Galvan a visit at Hunt Elementary, as she was setting up her classroom, and put her behind bars. (Won’t tell you which bars…) So now, Ms. Galvan is ‘Band (Banned) from Band Volunteering’!!

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For all you parents out there…there are 2, maybe more libraries at McMillen. The BAND LIBRARY is where band/booster supplies go and is located inside the directors’ office. The SCHOOL LIBRARY, well, that is for the entire school and is not the place where band supplies belong.

What comes from the band hall, stays in the band hall!

Lesson learned and time served!

(For those of you who don’t know me…yes, I am just joking. We will always need and appreciate Ms. Galvan’s help. We had a good laugh, hope you did too! But I am serious about the location and purpose of the 2 libraries, should there ever be any future confusion.)

Inquiring Minds Need to Know

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  • When do the students wear all this band gear?

The band wear (sometimes called the practice uniform) is worn on game days under the marching uniform. In addition, the directors will designate specific days that the band will wear the practice uniform —including black socks and black shoes—to rehearsal.

The band will wear their “Prometheus” show shirt to school on performance days to show their school spirit. The directors will announce the days that the show shirt should be worn.

The pink-out shirt will be worn on the Pink Out football game day as part of McMillen High School’s all school support for breast cancer awareness and research.

The navy v-neck is an alternate shirt to the show shirt and may be worn on a game day or other band event.

The students will be told by the directors in advance if they need to wear a specific shirt or uniform.
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