CAE News

Week of 9/19

Week 5

We kicked off our Great Cookie Fundraiser on Tuesday. Students are selling cookies left and right! Please remember proceeds of this fundraiser go directly back into the classroom. Students in grades 3-5 are enjoying new Chromebooks as we transition to Google Classrooms. The younger classrooms look forward to using similar Chromebooks, along with iPads, in stations or as a classroom. Students use products such as the Osmo, along with the iPad to complete word work. (

Students who sell 3 or more boxes get their name put in a drawing to be Principal for the Day! The top seller will receive a $100 gift card to Amazon. Daily drawings will start this week.

Picture Day:

We will take Lifetouch pictures on Thursday. Students need to come dressed in dress code as these are used for the yearbook. No logos, blue, or red shirts, please!

Guidance lessons:

Mrs. Wood has been focusing on The Energy Bus and growth mindset when meeting with classrooms for guidance. Stay tuned for our video over the 1st principle of "You are the Driver." This principle promotes students being responsible for their actions and learning.

At CAE we encourage all of our students to have a Growth Mindset when it comes to their academic abilities. Please watch the videos below to see what Growth Mindset is all about. growth mindset goals SMART goals

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Mark your calendars:

9/27-WATCH DOG meeting--calling all dads!! 5:15pm @ CAE-look for more info to come

10/3-NO SCHOOL-parent/teacher conferences

10/7-PTO meeting at 8:00am

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We recently heard about the app Shoparoo which helps earn money for schools. Another Energy Bus school just received a check simply by asking parents to scan their receipts! Please download the app Shoparoo, select our school (they should be updating to reflect CAE but if not, choose Athens Intermediate), and start scanning your receipts! Doesn't get any easier than that! We will keep you updated with our points and let you know when we receive money!

What's Happening in the Classroom?

Pre-K Passengers

Language Arts:

The student will understand the meaning of words.

The student will identify rhyming words.

Child recognizes at least 20 letters and sounds


Students will focus on using words to count 1-30


Students will be able to identify similarities and differences in characteristics of people.

Kindergarten Passengers

Kindergarten this week will be learning all about APPLES!

English Language Arts:

We will be identifying compound words.

We will be learning about the letters "Aa" and "Dd."


We will be practicing our sight words:

I, a, am, can, see, the, we

We will be identifying the setting in the story.


We will be comparing numbers 0-5 with one more and one less.

Science/Social Studies:

We will be learning about needs and wants.

We will be learning about Johnny Appleseed and exploring apples!

First Grade Passengers

Unit 1- We continue to learn about subtraction with missing parts as well as in stories.

English Language Arts:

We will make predictions, recall beginning/middle/end, and recall characters with stories throughout the week. Our weekly story is “Flip”.


We will be learning about sh, ch, th, and wh.


We will learn how to brainstorm ideas and use verbs correctly.

High Frequency Words:

  • come
  • down
  • good
  • pull

Sight Words:

  • can
  • come
  • like
  • away
  • me
  • here
  • my
  • run
  • down
  • up

Second Grade Passengers

We will continue learning about money and begin 10 more/less than and 100 more/less than of a number.


We will learn how to use our 4 resources to answer questions. (schema, text, inference, and outside resource)


We will be learning the soft and hard c and g sounds.


We will be learning how to use transition words when writing.

Social Studies:

We will be learning about maps.


We will continue to learn about the states of matter and how their physical properties change, such as cutting, folding, sanding, and melting.

Third Grade Passengers

We will learn about synonyms and antonyms, fables and reading comprehension skills.


We will write our own fables using the writing process.


We will study money and perimeter.


We are continuing to study properties of matter.

Social Studies:

We will learn about the founding of our nation and about Ben Franklin.

Fourth Grade Passengers

We will learn about the importance of banks and how they work. We will have fun solving problems involving profit!


Mixtures and Solutions are the way to go! We will be learning what they are and how to separate them!

Texas History:

Students will identify and compare ways of life for American Indian groups in specific Texas regions. Students will describe ways that the Native Americans modified their environment and used natural resources to fit their survival needs.


Once upon a time while plotting our poetry, 4th grade encountered many stories of enchantment! Fairy tales are fun and we can't wait to compare and contrast them!


Stories, stories, we have to share. We are writing personal narratives everywhere! Editing, fixing, is our thing, we are correcting everything!

Fifth Grade Passengers

Solving expressions using order of operations (PEMDAS)


Continue to explore the properties of matter


Continue reading "Frindle". We've learned where words come from!!! Ask your child who says "dog" means that fluffy creature that wags its tail. WE DO.