Mrs. Frank


Mrs. Frank was middle aged house wife who always was thinking of other before herself. After many years of living in Amsterdam, she , and her family were caught in the Holocaust. They travel to a near attic where they would hide for two years, only caring the things that they could hold on their backs. When she was in the attic we see her caring heart when Miep brought up a cake for them for Hanukah. She said she didn’t need a piece, and that was the first time they had even seen cake for years . She had two daughter , and had a husband name Mr. Frank. She was the one who always settled fights, and made the attic more enjoyable.


I chose a feather because Mrs. Frank is always speaking with a soft tone, one example is when she is in the middle of a fight ,and she keeps her voice down and calmly quiets down the situation.” Anne, dear, I think you shouldn’t play like that with Peter. It’s not dignified.” She is always quit when the family is having conversations. After supper she always helped clean up. Many time she was the only one who cleaned up.
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I chose a heart because, Mrs. Frank loves every one even if they are rude, or loud. Many times Mrs. Frank went to Anne’s room to comfort her when she had a night mares.(398)”Would you like some water? Was it a bad dream? Perhaps if you told me….?” Another example was when Mrs. Frank agreed to let Mr. Dusile to stay with them.”Because it wouldn’t be proper for Margot to sleep with a…..Please Please Anne. Don’t argue, Please.” (390)
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A theme in the Dairy of Anne Frank is, always have courage. One example was when Mr. Frank went down to see what happened after the thief came into the store.” This is Saturday. There is no way for us to know what has happened until Miep or Mr. Kraler comes on Monday morning. We cannot live with that”. Another example of having courage, was when they went into hiding because if were caught they knew they would be sent to a concentration camp.

Theme 2

One Theme in the Diary of Anne Frank is. Stay true to your faith no matter what. One example of faith was when they were celebrating Hanukah, and a thief broke into the store that was below them, they thought that they were going to be caught, even after the thief left they still celebrated Hanukah.(406)”It’s Green Police they have found us!” Another example is when they knew if they were caught just because they were a Jew they would be sent to a Concentration camp, and they stayed true to their religion .(373)”They have been picked up that’s what happened. They’ve been taken…”