Best Learning Classroom

My ideal technological classroom

Mac Computers

One of the first things I would want all of my students to have is a Mac computer. These computers have so many possible tools that students can use, I think the computers would help benefit the students learning. Students spend so much time on computer, I think that students will be more interested in reading material on the computer rather than reading a text book.

Watch this video!

This video has facts with the amount of hours students spend on the computer, video game systems versus reading a text book or studying for a test. It shows that students spend much more time on the computer or their cell phones. So why not intergrate their technology preference into lessons to keep them interested?

Other technology I would use in my classroom

Smart Board

SMART Boards Why are they so easy to use?


ELMO is changing education in the classroom!

Apple TV

Using apple tv and ipads in the classroom

HUD Glasses

The HUD glasses are rumored to provide augmented-reality data overlays about landmarks and even passers-by right in front of a user’s eye.According to the Times report, information will be displayed on a “small screen that will sit a few inches from someone’s eye.” A low-resolution camera will monitor the real world and “overlay information about locations, surrounding buildings, and friends who might be nearby.” The glasses will allegedly work with a user’s Android device, and will ship with a 3G or 4G data connection.

Pico Projector

A Pico Projector is an emerging technology that applies the use of an image projector in an handheld device. It is a response to the emergence of compact portable devices such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants, and digital cameras, which have sufficient storage capacity to handle presentation materials but little space to accommodate an attached display screen. Handheld projectors involve miniaturized hardware and software that can project digital images onto any nearby viewing surface, such as a wall.

Future Classroom

Microsoft Vision of the Classroom of the Future
The video above shows how technology will affect our lives, including the classroom, in the future. From being able to translate speaking in different languages to drawing pictures in mid-air. The future for our technology in the classrooms will be unbelievable and a difficult transformation to make and an expensive transformation.