The Parasitic Wasp

By Katie Barry and Grace Navarroli :)

What is the parasitic wasp and how is it born?

  • Range in size from less than a millimeter to about an inch in length.
  • Brown or black in color, possibly small amounts of yellow
  • Parasitic = lay eggs in host
  • Hatched in the body cavity
  • Caterpillars = main choice of parasitic wasps.
  • Also laid in beetles, spiders and flies.
  • Once eggs hatch, the parasitic wasp larvae eat the host from the inside out.

Where can they be found? What do they eat?

  • Found globally, near freshwater and mild temperatures
  • Eat locusts, cabbage caterpillars, pollen, nectar
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How is it involved in decomposition?

  • Eats insects that eat the corpse
  • Could possibly eat evidence that would be helpful in an investigation


  • A Yugoslavian strain of parasitic wasps SOMEHOW ended up in Michigan to assist corn farmers
  • One of the largest insect groups
  • Several hundred different species
  • Harmless to humans
  • Hone in on garden pests, eat them


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