By: Nicholas Brancato

Element Introduction

The element Neon got its name from the Greek word for new, neos. It is in the group (family) 18 and part of the period 2. Neon looks like the picture below
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General Information

The Chemical symbol is Ne

Atomic Number is 10

Atomic Mass is 20.1797

Number of Protons: 10 Neutrons: 10 Electrons: 10

Number of Valence Electrons is 8

There are Multiple Isotopes

Bohr model is below

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Physical Properties

Melting Point: 24.56 K (-248.59°C or -415.46°F

Boiling Point: 27.07 K (-246.08°C or -410.94°F)

Density: 0.0008999 grams per cubic centimeter

Abundance in Earths Crust: 5×10-3 milligrams per kilogram

Standard State: Gas


Neon is found in liquefied air basically in the atmosphere

Neon is found usually found in a no-toxic form

We use it for, advertising signs, used to make high voltage indicators, and combined with helium to make helium neon lazers

Interesting Facts

I found it interesting that Neon is a more rare element and is just very unique to itself. Another thing that I found interesting is that Neon is around a lot but the substance is rare which makes it unique to me.


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