Woodfield's Parent Newsletter

January 2020 - Woodfield Elementary


As we enter a new year ,it is always nice to reflect as well as goal set for the new year. As you come into Woodfield you will now see posted a data board with "Monthly Attendance", "All Day Attendance by Grade Level", and "PBIS Data". These data points are all attached to goals. The data board is located in the trophy case as you walk into the building.

Calendar Events

Jan 2nd: Students Return from Winter Break

Jan 6th: Boundary Meeting 6:00 Trailside

Jan 9th: 5th & 6th Grade Students - Fox River Transition meeting

Jan 14th: PTO Meeting 4:00 Library

Jan 15th: 4th Grade Kindness Retreat

Jan 16th: 3rd Grade Field Trip to Discovery World


Jan 24th Choir: Sing-a-Thon/Pledge-a-Thon 4:00 Fox River

Jan 27th: 4th Grade math 24 tournament

Jan 30th: 5th Grade Math 24 Tournament

Jan 3st: 2nd Grade Field Trip to MPM

Jan 31st: 6th Grade Math 24 Tournament

Attendance Area Committee Meeting Information

The WGSD school board has tasked a committee of school staff members and community members to develop a solution to the re-balance the three elementary school so each will have approximately 300 students at each site. Below is a link to the information the the team has been discussing. This team will meet two more times to formulate a recommendation that will be submitted to the school board by mid January.

What are student learning and doing?

PBIS Winter Newsletter

Message From the Lunch Room - Food Service

Breakfast and Hot Lunch are provided daily for all students in grade 4K-6. The cost is: Breakfast - $1.60; Hot Lunch - $2.70 (milk is included) A free and reduced lunch program is available if financial requirements are met. For students eating cold lunch, milk is available for $.35 a carton. Hot lunch students can purchase an additional milk for $.35. This additional milk would NOT be covered under the Free and Reduced lunch program. (Students can only purchase 2 additional milks)

Click here for more information regarding the Free and Reduced lunch program. Applications can be made online through Skyward Family Access or you can request a paper copy from our school office.

The Woodfield PTO

  • Next PTO meeting is January 14th at 4:00 in the library

School Closing Announcements

As a reminder, if school is going to close for the day due to weather, you will receive a phone call through School Messenger and it will be listed with local TV stations.

Please try to get in the habit of checking the weather in the morning to make sure your child is dressed appropriately.

Free weather apps:

  • 1) The Weather Channel

  • 2) Apple's Weather App

  • 3) Weather Underground

  • 4) AccuWeather







WGSD Board Policy regarding school closure:


The District shall have either a late start or close when the wind chill is -35 degrees Fahrenheit or greater. If the actual thermometer reading is a -25 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, school will be closed.

The District Administrator shall have the authority to determine which school-related activities may be conducted if the school is closed for a period of time. S/He shall prepare appropriate guidelines for communication to students, parents, and others regarding the scheduling and conduct of such activities.

Winter Concert Pics

Note from the School Nurse

Drop Off & Pick-Up

Pick-up/Drop-off Procedure – At Woodfield Elementary School, we place a great deal of emphasis on student safety. If your child is driven to and from school, please make sure to drop him/her off on the school side of the driveway. All too often, parents “double park” and students are dropped off or picked up from the outside lane of traffic and they need to cross between many cars. This is not a safe practice and it sets a bad example for our students. Also, if you park in the lot, please escort your children to and from the car. Staff members will not allow children to walk to and from cars in the lot without adult supervision. If you need to leave your vehicle to come into school for any reason, please park in one of the marked spaces in the lot and not in the driveway. Driveway parking is only for immediate drop-offs or pick-ups. Parents are also reminded that cars are not permitted to drive around the back of the building.

Please Remember These Drop-Off and Pick-Up Rules:

  • Children must enter and exit vehicles on the passenger side of the vehicle only (keeping them safely out of the lane of moving traffic).
  • Cars may pull up only to the curb and may not “double park” in order to pick up a child for any reason. Children may not walk between parked cars in order to board their parent’s “double parked” vehicle for any reason.
  • Drivers should not leave their vehicle and must remain seated in the driver’s seat in order to pull ahead when necessary (except to help a small child get into the car).
  • Cars must pull ahead to fill in the gaps that occur when a vehicle exits.
  • The curb is not a parking area and cars that are left parked there create a backup for everyone.
  • Parents parking in the parking lot for pickup are required to walk up the sidewalk to escort their child back to the car.
  • Cars should not block the road where busses need to exit.
  • No vehicles are allowed to drive behind the school between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM as these are the main times children are arriving to and leaving school.
Please use care on the roads around the school as some children walk home in areas without sidewalks.

Breakfast & Lunch Menus


If you are interested in coming to school and volunteering please complete the below Background Check form and drop it off in the office. We are always looking or volunteers to read with students for work in classroom.