Elementary Curriculum Updates

August, 2020 C. Gutierrez

Elementary Curriculum Maps

Math curriculum maps for grades 3-6 are finished and include proficiency scales! Remember the priority standards are the cycles mastery focus. Each priority standard has a proficiency scale and may appear more than once on the map. The priority standards are what we expect the students to master. Therefore, our energy, our reteach and reassessments are used to help students move to proficiency. The supporting standards are identified and created to support the priority and/or address at the most appropriate time.Supporting standards are for exposure and students are not expected to master. K-2 math maps are in process and all staff should be using current IREADY scope and sequence from last year

ELA curriculum maps are all under construction. You do however have access to all four units overview. Remember each unit is in correlation with ARC's structure. Inside each unit are three cycles that match with quarter dates. The overview includes proficiency scales, k/1 phonics, word study and phonological awareness. We have many scheduled meetings for completion and are on our way to be unified,and purposeful as a district.

Math maps are online in staff resources via our district website. If you have not received the overview of maps, please reach out to your building principal or myself cgutierrez@ecps.org.

Check your google drive and email for any possible sharing, first.

Every STUDENT can learn, just not on the same day or in the same way!

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American Reading Company


All reading curriculum resources are accessible through school pace. You also have access to digital tool-kits under the school pace connect button. School pace is also our data dashboard where we house student data. Get logged in and start exploring this web based support today!

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Independent Reading Level Assessments (IRLA)

This late start Wednesday coaches ran two IRLA training. One was on how to IRLA and the other on how to IRLA virtually. Please reach out to your building coaches for more support. We are hoping that all students will be leveled by 9/21/20 so that we can work on small group using the most recent data.

Ann Kelly ELA McKinley/Harrison akelly@ecps.org

Rosie Hamilton ELA Washington/Lincoln rhamilton@ecps.org

Connie Jones Math coach for all buildings cjones@ecps.org

Michelle Navarro Tech Coach for all buildings mnavarro@ecps.org

Please use link below for presentation given by Rosie Hamilton on LSW 8/26/20.


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Save the date for upcoming PD!

Late Start Wednesday Elementary Professional Development Plan


September 2nd


Session 1


In this session teachers will be introduced to the teacher toolbox. Teachers will also be shown how to add teacher assignments and where to find the IN standards correlation to lessons.

Session 2

Big Blue Button

In this session teacher will be introduced to how to utilize the various tools in big blue button including; breakout sessions, sharing videos, using the whiteboard, running polls, and sharing presentations.

September 9th

Session 1

Student Centered Problem Solving

In this session teachers will go over problem solving protocols and how to develop discourse around student thinking.

Session 2

Technology support

Managing links in canvas. How to create an easy access classroom?

September 16th

Session 1

Arc Virtual Toolkit

In this session you will learn how to access and share the digital version of the toolkits with students for small group.

Session 2

ARC Power Goals

In this session you will learn how to review student data and help students create power goals. Teachers will also learn to assign ARC bookshelf books to promote independent reading.

Have an idea for p.d.?- We would love to take suggestions.


The new IREADY testing window has moved been to Oct.19th - Oct 30th. As a district, our goal is to collect valid and reliable data to help us drive instruction. With that in mind we feel it is in the best interest of students to have a controlled testing environment. We will complete the BOY upon return from virtual learning. If we continue with the red plan we will create an alternate plan. Student pathways are currently unavailable. Students will receive them after the October BOY testing.

IREADY is up and ready for teachers to assign lessons. Lessons can support tier 1 math mapping lessons. If you need help with this please plan to attend IREADY 101 training with Math Coach Connie Jones on 9/2/20.

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Correlation of Indiana Academic Standards for Mathematics to i-Ready Personalized Instruction

Click on the IREADY link above for the correlation and use with your team planning!

You can also go to IREADY and follow these steps:

  1. Assess and Teach
  2. Instruction
  3. Math/Reading
  4. Look in right hand corner for blue link.