Adolf Hitler

Kyle Spence Academic 2

Adolf Hitler was an evil dictator of Germany that caused millions of deaths. he became this evil dictator because of events in his past. Hitler's childhood is one of the reasons why he became this evil dictator. the fall of Germany after world war one was another reason. Hitler later declared the formation of a new government, the Nazi Party.

Adolf Hitler's childhood and the fall of Germany after world war one were the main reasons for Hitler to be a dictator. his childhood was not very good. He was not a good student and did not have a great relationship with his father. Hitler's younger brother died and that is what affected him the most. Hitler's father also died when he was young. Later in his life, he became bitter over the collapse of Germany following world war one. Hitler became popular because he was a great speaker and convinced the Germans that the Jews were to blame for Germany's problems. This is how Adolf Hitler's dictatorship began.

Hitler's childhood upbringing and involvement in

WW I had a big impact towards making Adolf Hitler the evil dictator he was. His sad childhood shaped his view of the world. Events like having to stay in a homeless shelter led him to do some of the things he did as a dictator. The fall of Germany in ww1 impacted Hitler's actions throughout wwII. The combination of his personality and his childhood led him to the worlds worst dictator and greatest mass murderer.