The Reformation (1500's)

Alna Mejia Pd. 1

What was the change?

The reformation is a movement for religious reform. There were several reasons to why it all started. One of them was the Renaissance. The Renaissance follows the concepts of humanism and secularism making people question the church which led to people to question the pope authority. The people became angry from all the taxes and all the laws the church had made(indulgences). There were several people who tried to tame the situation, but of course, the church did not approve of their ideas and what they were causing amongst the people.

Who were the people associated with the change?

How did the change impact society at the time?

Overall, the Protestant Reformation and the Counter/Catholic Reformation changed the face of Europe. Before the Reformation, Europe was united as a single faith with a strong church as guidance. By the end, Europe was divided religiously and strong monarchs fill the leadership void left as a result of a weakened Catholic Church. The church had split into different religions and formed different churches, one of them known as the Anglican Church.

How is that change evidence in today's society?

In today's society, faith is still a huge concept. People have more right's to do what they want because the church does not have full power over Europe anymore. Science has evolved because of being able to have more free will. we now have the ideas of scientists such as the Heliocentric Model and others. With the decrease of Church power, Europe has helped change everything into what it is today, like a chain reaction.