softball player

Zeus ( my pet snake)

I have a corn snake and he is 7 months old. His name is Zeus, he love to be held by me and my mom all of the time. I feed him frozen baby mice on Sundays and then i have to wait two day to get him back out. Zeus is a non-poisonous snake, and has no fangs. A corn snake can get up to five feet long and can live up to 18 to 23 years. Zeus costed 150 dollars then with all of his others thing the total was 200 dollars.

My family

I have two brothers and there names are Jake and Isaac. Jake likes to play football and basketball. Jake loves music, everyday he listens to music. Jake and Isaac like metal. Isaac he likes to play baseball. Isaac love to play the guitar and the piano. My mom (Jen) she love to be outside. My mom love music she always sings in the car. My dad (Dan) he loves to be outside hiking, playing sports.My dad love music, he love to play the bass.


I have been playing softball for five years. I play catcher and left field. I have got catcher of the league two years. I have got mvp one year. I started playing softball when I was 8 and I fell in love with the sport. I have had the same coach for 4 years. I started catching the first year I stared playing. When I play I feel like I am ment to be there.

Luci ( my dog )

Luci is a boxer and american bulldog. Luci loves to sleep in bed with me. Luci does some tricks with me, she does sit,stand,shake,rollover,laydown,and high-five. Luci likes to wrestle with me and my dad. Luci loves to go to the park and run and play with sticks. Luci weighs about 80 to 90 pounds. Luci loves to be loved one and cuddled with.

My best friend ( Jenna Kirkbride)

Jenna and I have been friend for almost 13 years. Jenna loves to play video games like five nights at Freddys and the legend of zelda. Jenna's favorite food is pizza and her favorite drink is coke. Jenna's favorite colors are green and blue. Jenna does like to go outside sometimes when Im at her house or when she is at my house.