What abortion is...

Thesis Statement

Abortion is probably one of the most controversial topics that people talk about around the world because it concerns them since it affects others in many different ways. Some are against and some are for and believe that abortion is right. Many believe that once the male and female have intercourse and make an offspring out of it it’s considered a human, and believe that if they abort it’s a crime because they’re murdering an “innocent human”. No human being should go through the process of being killed and this shouldn’t be allowed in other states, they should put a stop to it.

The Process

Basically the process they do to abort the baby is awful. It’s like if you were trying to pick up a trash from the ground with a vacuum which that sounds really harsh. How can you kill an innocent baby and not feel anything at all. Most women want to end their pregnancy when their 7 weeks or more and that’s when the fetus has to be removed so they make that procedure called “Vacuum Aspiration or Suction termination”. In many states when a woman is in her third trimester they would be not allowed to abort their baby unless they have medical conditions that prevents them to continue with their pregnancy. Luckily that is only allowed in some states but not in all which it needs to happen because now the fetus has a heart beat and you’re killing your own baby.

Life at 8 Weeks - Abortion Video

3 Things I learned

- Choose a topic you would like to do

- Do it on time

-Be passionate about your topic

Advice for Class of 2017

-Do your work

-Go to School

-Keep your grades up


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