What To Expect When Your Expecting

Asiaiana Lytle

First Trimester

Your first trimester consists of the first 13 weeks of preganacy. Your baby changes from a small fertilized cell to the embryo. So much happens in so little time. The babys organs start to take shape. Baby starts to move around 8 weeks. Hair follicles and nail beds form. More major milestones is formation of muscles and production of white blood cells to develop vocal cords. The mother goes through morning sickness, mood swings, and your boops get really tender, tingly, and big. During weeks 8-12 you start to have headaches, food aversions, and metalic taste.

Second Trimester

Your baby is busy the second trimester. One thing its spourting hair. Its eyes and ears are moving to the correct position. It also starts to suck and swallow. By 18 weeks it weighs about as much as a chicken breast. it knows how to yawn and hiccup by now. By 22 week its developing its senses. Now for the mother you gain your energy back. You may be congested. You also may be sore and swollen around the ankles. But be prepared for sensitive gums, leg cramps, dizziness, and increased appetite. Your sex life changes also. Your man might be turned on while your turned off or vice versa. Having sex will not hurt nor scar your fetus, it might actually enjoy it.

Third Trimester

During this trimester your baby grows... A LOT. it also starts to give reasoning to its five senses. It taste what you taste, can tell from light to dark, and listen to the sound of your voice. Its skin starts to thicken during the 32 week of pregnancy. Not much happens during the third trimester except its almost over. During this stage the baby boy testicles drop. You ,the mother, might feel it kicking and poking but thats because it has less room from growing.

What Dads Should Expect

Now for the father, your going to go through some pain also. You might get yelled at through the mood swings but just sit there and dont respond. Listen to what she has to say. Also be informed on whats going on through her pregnancy. Be a good "wife" to your wife. Meaning do everything for her that she has done for you.