American Dream

Lucy Cuevas

Definiton of the American Dream

The American Dream is having everything you and your family needs. The American Dream is being who you want to be and accomplishing every goal you would have in life. The Dream is about knowing who you are and where you come from. We aren't all from the same places or the same skin color but we all are in American dreaming the same "dream"

American Dream The Mexican Immigration Experience Part 2


"It takes hard work, vision and perseverance" in many peoples lives to achieve this American dream there's a lot of hard work that goes with it. Being dedicated and focused on what you want is what you have to do to achieve anything you want. For some it may be very hard. If you were born into a middle class family you are more then likely going to be staying middle class. there is only a certain percent of Americans that do achieve their moving up in a social class." knowing this even though it is the American Dream it will defiantly be an obstacle.

Beliefs ..

I feel as if everyone has this different point of view of the American dream. I believe its something that every person who has came to this country for a better life. everyone in this country had to come from some where. Each and everyone of the people who has migrated into this country were in the search of a better future for themselves and their future families. Everyone with different goals but the same mind set. I truly believe that if you want something enough you could achieve it.