Giant panda

by Derreck McMaster

Physical Description

  • A giant panda is a large black and white bear with a short tail
  • The giant pandas weight is 200 to 300 pounds
  • The panda can grow 5 to 6 feet long


  • The giant panda eats bamboo
  • The panda eats bamboo stems
  • The panda also eats bamboo leaves


  • The giant panda lives in western china
  • The panda lives in the cold mountains of china
  • The panda also lives in bamboo forests

Interesting facts

  • Giant pandas use their sharp claws to help them hold on when they climb trees
  • The female giant panda gives birth every two or three years to one or two cubs
  • Pandas are in great danger of dying out in the wild
  • They are threatened mainly by destruction of forests
  • Pandas are protected by the law of china
  • Giant pandas hold bamboo stalks in there front paws as they munch
  • They have an extra pad on each paw which they use like a thumb to help them grip the bamboo
  • The giant panda belongs to the raccon family

Their young

  • When cubs are born they are born in a cave or a hole in a tree
  • Panda cubs are extremely tiny when they are born they weigh only 5 ounces