Civil Rights and Women's Rights

By: Callie Studer And Lexi Heuton

Jim Crow Laws

Jim Crow laws were legal in the south. Also, Jim crow laws were not fair. Their is a hundred of laws that made Jim Crow laws. Do you want to hear something weird about Jim Crow laws? Well African Americans had to pay taxes to vote. White Americans and African Americans led to completely different lives under the Jim Crow law. Jim crow laws limited the Civil rights of African Americans. African Americans did not like Jim Crow laws. Hospitals with white doctors would not treat African Americans.

19th Amendment

The 19th amendment was wrote by Susan B. Anthony. It was a bill for suffrage in 1878.In 1914 the Untied States Congress failed again to pass the amendment giving woman the right to vote. It was not created into a law until 1920.The woman's vote became the 19th amendment to the constituion.

Wanting More Votes

Temperence Movement: Call to reduce stop drinking alcohol.

Seneca Falls Convention: Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott organized it. 250 men and woman attended. They discussed Woman's Rights. People narrowed it down to twelve rights they wanted. The ninth one was the Right to Vote.

Suffrage: is the right to vote

Suffragist: A person who works to extend the right to vote to those who do not currently have it.

Leaders and Activist

Ida Wells Barnett: She had enslaved parents. She preached to end violence against African Americans.

Mary McLeod: She loved education. She thought education was the best way to achieve racial equality.

Booker T. Washington: He grew up poor. He was a slave.Plus he believed education was a better life.

W.D.B Du Bois: She grew up in the north. She went to collage.