The Giver

Lois Lowry Adrian Arrieta

Book Summary

A long time ago, the people in Jonas' community chose to have the community ruled by a Committee of Elders. The Committee of Elders controls everyone and everything, commanding rules from loudspeakers located throughout the community. A total of fifty infants are born to Birth mothers every year. Each peer group is identified by its age. They all must follow specific rules about appropriate clothing,haircuts, and activities for that peer particular peer group.

Main Character- Jonas

He is an intelligent and courageous boy, he learns that instead of receiving an assignment. He has been chosen to become the next receiver of memory for the community, which holds the societies memory and providing guidance to the Elders.

Teacher-Like Questions

1.What is the author's purpose?

2. What was the reason for Jonas to escape the community?

3. Who was in charge of ceremonies?

Overall Rating

Out of 5 I would rate the movie that we recently watched "The Giver" a 3.5. I disliked how it began black but yet it also included of what the characters who don't have the memory of color to see black and white.