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PLA@103 Phalen Falcons at Francis Scott Key

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JANUARY 13, 2023 PLA@103 Friday Family News

NO SCHOOL - Monday, January 16, 2023, in Observation of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

School will resume on Tuesday, January 17, 2023. Please plan to be on time at 7:20a.m. on Tuesday.

La escuela se reanudará el martes 17 de enero de 2023. Planee llegar a tiempo a las 7:20 a.m. el martes.

Lekòl la pral rekòmanse madi 17 janvye 2023. Tanpri planifye pou rive alè a 7:20 a.m. nan Madi.

Report Cards Will Come Home Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Our second nine weeks grading period has come to an end and your scholar's report card will be sent home on Wednesday, January 18, 2023. We send home a "mini report card" in the form of progress reports each week throughout the nine weeks for you to view and sign. If you have concerns about your child's grades or grade-level progress, please reach out to your child's teacher.

Nuestro segundo período de calificaciones de nueve semanas llegó a su fin y la boleta de calificaciones de su estudiante se enviará a casa el miércoles 18 de enero de 2023. Enviamos a casa una "mini boleta de calificaciones" en forma de informes de progreso cada semana durante las nueve semanas para usted para ver y firmar. Si tiene inquietudes sobre las calificaciones de su hijo o el progreso del nivel de grado, comuníquese con el maestro de su hijo.

Dezyèm peryòd nòt nèf semèn nou an rive nan fen epi kanè etidyan w la pral voye lakay Mèkredi 18 janvye 2023. Nou voye yon "mini kanè" nan fòm rapò sou pwogrè chak semèn pandan nèf semèn yo pou ou wè epi siyen. Si w gen enkyetid konsènan nòt pitit ou a oswa pwogrè nan nivo klas, tanpri kontakte pwofesè pitit ou a.

Be Prepared for Bad Weather

As we continue through the winter months, we know to expect bad weather which could affect our school schedule. When we have fog, extreme cold, or ice/snow, please watch our local news channels for information about delays or closings for Phalen Leadership Academies (PLA).

We will also send out a Power School text or email to those who have updated phone and email information in our system.

A medida que avanzamos durante los meses de invierno, sabemos que habrá mal tiempo que podría afectar nuestro horario escolar. Cuando haya niebla, frío extremo o hielo/nieve, mire nuestros canales de noticias locales para obtener información sobre retrasos o cierres de Phalen Leadership Academies (PLA).

También enviaremos un mensaje de texto o correo electrónico de Power School a aquellos que tengan información actualizada de teléfono y correo electrónico en nuestro sistema.

Pandan n ap kontinye pandan mwa ivè yo, nou konnen pou n atann move tan ki ka afekte orè lekòl nou an. Lè nou gen bwouya, frèt ekstrèm, oswa glas/nèj, tanpri gade chanèl nouvèl lokal nou yo pou jwenn enfòmasyon sou reta oswa fèmen Phalen Leadership Academies (PLA).

Nou pral voye tou yon tèks Power School oswa yon imèl bay moun ki gen enfòmasyon sou telefòn ak imel aktyalize nan sistèm nou an.

PLA@103 Yearbooks are Available to Order

Our PLA@103 2022-2023 yearbooks are up for order NOW! We expect these to be shipped to us in mid-May, but ordering now guarantees you'll get yours.

Go to

Enter the code: 14728323

¡Nuestros anuarios PLA@103 2022-2023 están listos para ordenar AHORA! Esperamos que nos los envíen a mediados de mayo, pero ordenar ahora garantiza que obtendrá el suyo.

Vaya a

Introduce el código: 14728323

Annuaire PLA@103 2022-2023 nou yo ap komande KOUNYE A! Nou espere ke yo voye sa yo ba nou nan mitan mwa me, men kòmande kounye a garanti w ap jwenn pa w la.

Ale nan

Antre kòd la: 14728323

CAFE's Pull Up Pantry

CAFE's Pull Up Pantry

Community Alliance of the Far Eastside
8902 E. 38th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46226

Upcoming Dates:
December 19th
January 9th
January 23rd

Every 2nd & 4th Monday from 1:00PM to 5:00PM CAFE gives away food boxes. All you have to do is drive through and let volunteers load your car.

  • Open to ALL; no ID required
  • First come, first served basis
  • Each car gets a FREE box of food

If you have questions or would like to volunteer, please contact Cheria Caldwell, 317-890-3288 Ext 128 or Email

Mark your calendars

*January 11, 2023- 11:20a.m. EARLY DISMISSAL

*January 16, 2023- NO SCHOOL- MLK Jr. Day

*February 1, 2023- 11:20a.m. EARLY DISMISSAL

*11 de enero de 2023- 11:20 a. m. SALIDA TEMPRANA

*16 de enero de 2023- NO HAY CLASES- Día de MLK Jr.

*1 de febrero de 2023- 11:20 a.m. SALIDA TEMPRANA

*11 janvye 2023- 11:20 a.m. RENTASYON BONÈ

*16 janvye 2023- PA LEKÒL- Jounen MLK Jr

*1 fevriye 2023- 11:20 a.m. RENTASYON BONÈ

Indiana Student Funding Alliance

We need your help, today! Here’s why.

You already know that public charter schools are public schools in every way – tuition free, non-profit, and open to all.

But did you know that students who attend a traditional public school receive, on average, nearly $4,000 more in public funding per year than a student who attends a public charter school? In Indianapolis, the disparity is about $7,000 per student per year. And if the newly proposed IPS referendum passes, the disparity would increase to at least $10,000 per student.

This is because state and federal funding follows the student to any public school, but public charter schools are not given a share of local property tax funding that we all pay to support local schools. This money only goes to traditional district public schools.

This isn’t fair. The impact is felt most in the classroom because public charter schools must divert a significant portion of their state tuition support dollars that should pay for things like teacher salaries and instead pay for items like construction, maintenance, utilities and transportation, all items covered by local tax dollars for traditional district public schools.

Indiana families deserve fair funding for all public schools, no matter what school they choose for their child.

That’s why we need your help.

We are working to educate policy makers on this funding imbalance and need to show that this issue is crucial to students and parents in every corner of the state.

By adding your name to our petition, you can make your voice heard.

Sign the petition today and be sure to forward this to other families who support fair funding for all Hoosier students.



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PLA@103 has a 95% Attendance Goal for 2022-2023

In order for your scholar to have 95% attendance for the year, they should miss no more than nine days during the whole year. Scholars can't learn if they aren't at school. Make being AT school and ON TIME a priority. Scholars should be arriving between 7:20 a.m-7:50 a.m. each day so they don't miss out on learning.

Attention Parents

Scholars are marked tardy if they arrive after 8:30 am. After 5 tardies, your scholar will be marked absent unexcused.

If your scholar is dropped off after 10am, they must have documentation to go to class.

To pick up your scholar early, you must pick him/her up before 1:30. NO early pickups will be allowed after 1:30. After 3 early pick-ups, your scholar will be marked unexcused absent.

Atención Padres

Los estudiantes son marcados tarde si llegan después de las 8:30 am. Después de 5 tardanzas, su estudiante será marcado como ausente sin excusa.

Si su estudiante es dejado después de las 10 am, debe tener documentación para ir a clase.

Para recoger a su estudiante temprano, debe recogerlo antes de la 1:30. NO se permitirán recogidas anticipadas después de la 1:30. Después de 3 salidas tempranas, su estudiante será marcado como ausente injustificado.

Atansyon Gadyen

Yo make elèv yo an reta si yo rive apre 8:30 am. Apre 5 reta, yo pral make elèv ou a absan san eskize.

Si yo depoze etidyan ou apre 10 am, yo dwe gen dokiman pou yo ale nan klas la.

Pou vin chèche elèv ou a bonè, ou dwe vin chèche l anvan 1:30. YO PAP pèmèt yo pran pi bonè apre 1:30. Apre 3 ranmasaj bonè, elèv ou a pral make absan san eskize.


So Many Great Pictures from Before Winter Break!

Below you'll find:

* 1st and 4th Grade Reading Buddies

* 6th Grade ended their integrated Ancient China social studies lesson this week and got hands-on with some informational reading about the history of chopsticks and how to use them.

Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Arrival Procedures- Please Read

* Please do not drop your scholar(s) off before 7:20 a.m. Staff will be outside to greet scholars 7:20 a.m. to 7:45 a.m.

* Please have your scholar(s) to school on time. The doors close at 8:05 a.m.

* WALKERS- please walk on the sidewalks, do not walk in the parking lot; please cross the street ONLY at the crosswalk


- please drop off on the circle drive (DO NOT DROP OFF ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE SCHOOL)

- when in line for drop off, please follow staff directions, please pull as far forward as possible

- if possible, make seating arrangements so scholars can exit the car on the passenger side for safety

- please encourage your child to exit the vehicle as swiftly as possible

* Por favor, no deje a su (s) estudiante (s) antes de las 7:20 a.m. El personal estará afuera para recibir a los estudiantes de 7:20 a.m. a 7:45 a.m.

* Por favor traiga a su (s) estudiante (s) a la escuela a tiempo. Las puertas se cierran a las 8:05 a.m.

* CAMINANTES- por favor camine por las aceras, no camine en el estacionamiento; por favor cruce la calle SOLO en el paso de peatones


- por favor déjelo en el camino circular (NO LO DEJE A TRAVÉS DE LA CALLE DESDE LA ESCUELA)

- cuando esté en la fila para dejarlo, siga las instrucciones del personal, avance lo más posible

- si es posible, arregle los asientos para que los estudiantes puedan salir del automóvil por el lado del pasajero por seguridad

- anime a su hijo a salir del vehículo lo más rápido posible

* Tanpri, pa depoze elèv ou a (yo) anvan 7:20 a.m. Anplwaye yo pral deyò pou salye entelektyèl 7:20 a.m. jiska 7:45 a.m.

* Tanpri fè elèv ou (yo) ale lekòl alè. Pòt yo fèmen a 8:05 a.m.

* WALKERS- tanpri mache sou twotwa yo, pa mache nan pakin lan; tanpri travèse lari a SÈLMAN nan pasaj pyeton an


- Tanpri depoze sou kondwi sèk la (PA DEPÒT NAN LARI A SOTI LEKÒL LA)

- lè nan liy pou depoze, tanpri swiv direksyon anplwaye yo, tanpri rale osi lwen ke posib

- si sa posib, fè aranjman syèj pou entelektyèl ka sòti machin nan sou bò pasaje pou sekirite

- tanpri ankouraje pitit ou a soti nan veyikil la pi vit ke posib

Dismissal Procedures- Please Read

* There will be NO early pick-up of scholars after 1:30 p.m. Please plan accordingly.


* Please make sure your scholars are aware of how they are to get home each and every day.


- walkers will be dismissed at 2:15 p.m.

- if you have walked to school to pick up your child/walk them home, please do not come to the door. Please wait behind the concrete balls, keeping socially distant, for your scholar to be dismissed by announcements.


- dismissal begins at 2:00 p.m. Please plan accordingly; scholars should be picked up no later than 2:30 p.m.

- if you have driven to school to pick up your scholar, you MUST be in the car rider line.

- you MUST give your car rider number to the staff member at the entrance to the parking lot. If you don't give your number, you will have to wait longer on your scholar to exit the building.

- EVEN number tags will pick up on the street. Pull next to the sidewalk on Baker Drive. Please do not exit your car.

- ODD number tags will pick up on the circle. Please pull forward as far as possible. Please do not exit your car.

- Please do not honk/wave your child to your car if you are farther back in line. Once the line moves forward, we will load scholars into cars when it is safe to do so.

- If you have both an even number tag and an odd number tag, please come to the circle drive.

- please follow directions of staff members; we pull cars as far forward as possible in order to move the line as efficiently as possible.

- please encourage your scholars to enter the vehicle on the passenger side and as swiftly as possible so the line can continue moving forward.

- If you arrive after 2:20p.m., please use the circle drive regardless of your tag number.

- If you are later than 2:35p.m. and no staff member is outside, you will need to come to the door to get your scholar.

* NO habrá recogida anticipada de estudiantes después de la 1:30 p.m. Por favor, planifique en consecuencia.


* Por favor asegúrese de que su (s) estudiante (s) sepan cómo deben llegar a casa todos los días.


- Los caminantes saldrán a las 2:15 p.m.

- si ha caminado a la escuela para recoger a su hijo / llevarlo a casa, por favor no se acerque a la puerta. Por favor espere detrás de las bolas de concreto, manteniéndose socialmente distante, a que su estudiante sea despedido con anuncios.


- la salida comienza a las 2:00 p.m. Por favor, planifique en consecuencia; Los estudiantes deben ser recogidos a más tardar a las 2:30 p.m.

- si ha conducido a la escuela para recoger a su alumno, DEBE estar en la fila de pasajeros en automóvil.

- DEBE darle el número de su vehículo al miembro del personal en la entrada del estacionamiento. Si no da su número, tendrá que esperar más tiempo a que su alumno salga del edificio.

- INCLUSO las etiquetas de números se recogerán en la calle. Estacione junto a la acera en Baker Drive. Por favor, no salga de su coche.

- Las etiquetas de números impares se recogerán en el círculo. Por favor, avance lo más que pueda. Por favor, no salga de su coche.

- No toque la bocina ni le haga señas a su hijo para que se acerque a su automóvil si está más atrás en la fila. Una vez que la línea avance, cargaremos a los estudiantes en los autos cuando sea seguro hacerlo.

- Si tiene una etiqueta de número par y una etiqueta de número impar, venga a Circle Drive.

- siga las instrucciones de los miembros del personal; tiramos de los coches lo más adelante posible para mover la línea de la manera más eficiente posible.

- Anime a sus estudiantes a entrar al vehículo por el lado del pasajero y lo más rápido posible para que la fila pueda seguir avanzando.

- Si llega después de las 2:20 p.m., Utilice la unidad circular independientemente de su número de etiqueta.

- Si es más tarde de las 2:35 p.m. y ningún miembro del personal está afuera, tendrá que acercarse a la puerta para recoger a su estudiante.

* P ap gen Okenn entelektyèl yo pran bonè apre 1:30 p.m. Tanpri planifye kòmsadwa.


* Tanpri asire w ke entelektyèl ou yo konnen ki jan yo dwe rive lakay yo chak jou.


- yo pral ranvwaye moun k ap mache a 2:15 p.m.

- si ou te mache ale lekòl pou vin chèche pitit ou/mache lakay ou, tanpri pa vin devan pòt la. Tanpri tann dèyè boul konkrè yo, kenbe sosyalman distans, pou etidyan ou yo dwe ranvwaye pa anons.


- ranvwa a kòmanse a 2:00 p.m. Tanpri planifye kòmsadwa; entelektyèl yo ta dwe vin chèche pa pita pase 2:30 p.m.

- si ou te kondwi lekòl pou vin chèche elèv ou a, ou DWE nan liy pasaje machin nan.

- ou DWE bay manm pèsonèl la nimewo pasaje machin ou nan pakin nan. Si w pa bay nimewo w la, w ap oblije tann etidyan w la pi lontan pou w soti nan bilding lan.

- MENM nimewo tags pral ranmase nan lari a. Rale akote twotwa a sou Baker Drive. Tanpri pa soti nan machin ou.

- Tag nimewo enpè pral ranmase sou sèk la. Tanpri rale pi devan osi lwen ke posib. Tanpri pa soti nan machin ou.

- Tanpri pa klakson/signe pitit ou nan machin ou si ou pi lwen nan liy lan. Yon fwa liy lan avanse, nou pral chaje entelektyèl yo nan machin lè li an sekirite pou fè sa.

- Si ou gen tou de yon tag nimewo menm ak yon tag nimewo enpè, tanpri ale nan kondwi sèk la.

- tanpri swiv enstriksyon manm pèsonèl la; nou rale machin pi devan ke posib yo nan lòd yo deplase liy lan kòm efikasite ke posib.

- Tanpri ankouraje entelektyèl ou yo antre nan veyikil la sou bò pasaje yo epi pi vit ke posib pou liy lan ka kontinye vanse.

- Si w rive apre 2:20 p.m., tanpri itilize sèk kondwi a kèlkeswa nimewo tag ou a.

- Si w pi ta pase 2:35 p.m. epi pa gen okenn manm pèsonèl la deyò, w ap bezwen vini nan pòt la pou jwenn etidyan ou a.

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Dress Code

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2022-2023 Calendar

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PLA University

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Please be sure the school has your updated phone and email address.

You may update/submit information--> CLICK HERE


Es imperativo que la escuela y el (los) maestro (s) escolar (es) tengan una forma de comunicarse con usted.

Por favor asegúrese que la escuela tenga su teléfono actual y su correo electrónico Puede someter esa informacion haga clic aqui

Parents / Familles, Il est impératif que l'école et votre (vos) enseignant (s) universitaire (s) disposent d'un moyen de vous contacter. Veuillez vous assurer que l'école a votre téléphone et votre adresse e-mail mis à jour. Vous pouvez mettre à jour / soumettre des informations -> CLIQUEZ ICI


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PLA@103 is an A-rated, tuition-free public school serving grades K-6. As your neighborhood innovation school on the Far Eastside, we love working with our parents and scholars to help them master key academic skills, and demonstrate strong character, as exhibited by: honesty, service to others, a superior work ethic, and a strong vision for and belief in their futures.

Donate to the Teddy Power Memorial Fund

In lieu of flowers, the family has requested contributions to the Teddy Power Memorial Fund at PLA103.