Lesson 2

My 4 concepts

My 4 Concepts

1.Newtons laws of motion:first law states that an objecet in motion tends to stay in motion and an object at rest tends to stay at rest.His 2nd law states that the acceleratoin of an object is dependent upon the force acting on the object  and the mass of the object.His 3rd law states that every action has  an equal and opposite reaction.

My concept 2

 2.Momentum: Momentum is an objects  mass+speed.

My 3rd concept

3.weigtlessness: weigtlessness is when skydivers when jump out of a plane but Earths gravitational pull is still pulling on them.

My 4th concept

4.Newtons law of universal gravitation: States gravity occurs eveywhere.That means that all the planets,all the stars,all the particles of matter have a gravitational pull.