Searching for Truth

Conspiracies challenging the alleged reports of the 9/11 "terrorist" attacks are something that's oddly easy to find information on. Many people have taken it upon themselves to do their own research attempting to uncover what really happened on that tragic day. Like it or not, there are many things that happened on that day that are odd enough for this group of people to question, and there is enough information on these oddities to make the questions valid. Many people would call anyone who challenges the mainstream reports "unpatriotic" and some may even be offended, but this just shows that even if a different truth were proven, most people are not ready to accept anything different from what they are told. Calling the people doing research on this topic anything like that is extremely counter productive and only makes it more difficult for those people to prove anything at all. I argue that regardless of what the truth is, no one should ever accept what they are told without doing their own research and forming their own opinion. Too many people are led in whatever direction that the media decides they want to lead them, whether you entertain the idea of a 9/11 conspiracy or not it is obvious that the media lies in an attempt to shape your opinion for you. In this project I'm looking for the truth, and to see who was really behind the tragic deaths of the 2,996 people who lost their lives that day. I know that the truth might be hard for many to accept, let alone hear out but I believe that just proves the importance for the truth to be found.

Research Paper

A Search For Truth

The alleged attacks on the twin towers have always interested me because of my trait to naturally question most things. My questioning wasn’t of disrespect but of general curiosity on the attacks authenticity. It had become my goal to find the truth for myself by doing unbiased research to form my opinion of what really went on that day. In this report I will cover the events from the beginning of the attack to the end, and include the various conspiracy theories that argue the news reports.

Many theorists say that the attacks were well known about by “higher-ups” in the government months before, and even planned (Global 1). The reasoning behind this is the question exchange of NORAD’s (the North American Aerospace Defense Command’s) power. September 11th 2001 was the first time a president or vice president was in direct control of NORAD. After the programs founding in 1957 military generals always maintained its power and had the direct power to authorize military planes to intercept high jacked aircraft for instance. On June 1st 2001, about 3 months prior to the event, Dick Cheney ordered Donald Rumspell to allow him

to take control of NORAD and the procedure to shoot down other aircraft (“Welcome…2). This effectively left military generals powerless if a high jack were to occur. On that morning the orders were given directly from the presidency for NORAD to “stand down” after learning of the threat. It is theorized that if the generals were still in control of NORAD than it is almost certain they would have authorized planes to intercept the high jacked airliners before they collided with the trade centers and pentagon (Welcome…3).

Just prior to the attacks of 9/11, someone who remained anonymous put options on American Airlines and United Airlines. The first issue with this is that it is impossible to purchase stocks or put options without allowing some sort of identity. So far this sounds like a fairly suspicious deal, even without the attacks that would take place. It would seem that the United States government may try to identify the person who “anticipated” the attacks and made huge profits from them if this occurred. Many will say the reasoning behind why they didn’t is quite simple. It would just lead them straight back to themselves, namely the CIA (Newsone 1).

Now on to the actual nature of the attacks. The initial impact of the planes would not be enough to knock down these gigantic buildings, so what did it? News reports state that fuel from the jets melted the steel in the building thus greatly reducing its structural integrity and causing it to collapse, but this simply doesn’t add up. When building such a large building with so many floors, fire damage is a huge concern for safety if not the biggest (Illuninato…1). The supports in the building were designed accustomed to this fear and were extremely fire resistant, even if jet fuel played a part.

But let’s just say that jet fuel did melt the steel support on the side of the building where the jet made impact. If that’s the case wouldn’t you expect that portion to perhaps slouch a bit due to the melting and then cause the building to topple towards that way? That’s what a structural engineer would tell you, but that’s not the way these buildings fell. Instead they fall eerily similar to that of a controlled demolition. This simply doesn’t make sense as even if the buildings supports on the side the plane made impact failed, the building would not collapse as it stands (The Shadow Gov…).

So what could cause this collapse? Many theorize that bombs may have been placed under the towers just as in a controlled demolition on a building of its size and detonated soon after the impact of the planes. This is backed by many eye witness testimonies of people fleeing the lower parts of the building after the attack ensued. Most of these people even described it exactly as “bombs going off directly beneath me” and these people obviously didn’t know the nature of the attacks or what was to be reported (A Cosmic History…3).

But these only explain the attacks on the trade centers and leave out the alleged attack on the pentagon. The hole that the plane allegedly made in the pentagon was 65 feet across. From wing tip to wing tip a 747 is approximately 124 feet and 10 inches. Right away that raises many questions to some, the largest being how the plane was able to make such a minute impact while being that wide (“The Gods of Eden”). The next oddity is that you can see wooden desks, wooden stools, and even open books, right next to where the “impact” occurred. When viewing the crashes on the trade center you can see copious amounts of fire explode out from the impact

as the jets still had much of their fuel. Wouldn’t the same occur here? And if it did shouldn’t the jet fuel that was hot enough to “melt steel” be hot enough to burn a wooden desk? The crashes are very inconsistent with each other.

Speaking of very combustible materials, the question is raised as to how the hijackers were identified. Allegedly the passports of these men were found among the rubble of the planes. So not only was the paper within the books in the pentagon not even singed, but the documents actually on board the plane were not consumed in the fire or damaged to the point where they were drastically changed to an unreadable point. You would think that when a 735,000 pound Boeing 747 full of jet fuel makes direct impact with a steel structured building that most of the goods on board would be instantly demolished. But luckily that somehow wasn’t the case and the records of these men were found so “justice” could be brought to Americans and so that the blame could be easily pointed at any one but their government who many thought could never lie to them in such a tragic time (Newsone 2).

It is my personal opinion that even if some of these evidences are bias and other explanations could be given; there are simply far too many oddities to dismiss them. I believe that the attacks on that day were known about beforehand by the United States government, and that they might have even held a role in bringing these buildings down. As this is a fairly controversial topic I would suggest that anyone who questions the attacks do their own research and come to their own conclusion, but also be prepared that it might not be one that they necessarily like.



We watch

Towers fall

They crash down

Over us and America


-John Grant

The Day The Towers Fell

A sad day for America

As rejoicing rang from hell,

Awakening a mighty giant

On the days the tower fell.

Our hearts were saddened

As we watched this vicious act unfold,

As innocence met a fiery death

And seeds of war were sowed.

Shouts rang out from the middle east

That Allah has done his good

But no god joys in faultless deaths

Though certain cowards could

America just sort of glides along,

But don't step on her toes...

For her belief in right and justice

Will stomp out all her foes

The American Eagle

I saw a poster of the American Eagle

with a tear falling from his eye.

The twin towers were in the background

with smoke hovering in the sky

Part of the world hated us,

they wanted to see us die!

They use planes as bombs, send warfare,

scheme and plot lie.

So pray for our country, solidarility will stand,

Our nation has bled and cried,

but America will prevail

for God is on our side!


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Reasoning for choosing poems

Original poem: My motivation for writing this was to intrigue the reader and make them question the true nature of the attacks.

The Day The Towers Fell: I picked this poem to show the cruelty of the attacks regardless of who committed the injustice.

The American Eagle. I picked this poem to show how a country as patriotic as America will bounce back no matter what happens.

Persuasive Essay

When looking at the evidence for a staged attack on 9/11, like anything else, I let the facts decide my opinion. After doing a fair amount of research and compiling a good bit of information I have formed the opinion that the attacks on 9/11, or the information released about them, has been greatly altered. I don’t believe that you need to delve very far into researching the topic to form this opinion for yourself as looking at key facts could change someone’s opinion very fast. Just watching the collapse of these towers and questioning the authenticity of the way they fell raises huge questions. Along with this, looking at obvious things such as the hole created by the plane colliding with the pentagon, show that it isn’t possible that the alleged reports could be true. These along with many other facts support my position that the alleged reports of the 9/11 attacks were strongly altered.

Many would find this viewpoint extremely unpatriotic and even offensive but I disagree. I am searching for the truth and attempting to uncover the mystery of who the victims were actually killed by on that day. As saddening as it would be to hear that a countries government could be involved in, or had known about the murders of these people is, the truth must be uncovered. I feel as this has been done through research and it is easy to say in my mind that the reports were altered, and the United States government played a huge role in the attacks for their own benefit, even if it meant sacrificing the lives of many of its people.

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