Claudia Del Angel

Tourette Syndrome

What is Tourrette's?

A nervous system disorder involving repetitive movements or sounds. It is also characterized as Tics.

What happens to the body? What part of the body does it generally affect? & Symptoms

Tourette's causes the body to do random rapid motions. They can involve the arms and shoulders, a very common symptom starts with blinking or shrugging shoulders. Tics usually starts at childhood. Its generally effects the arms and vocal side. Usually the vocal tics and motion tics dont occur at the same time. Vocal tics are usually humming, throat clearing, barking, swearing, and grunting.
Tourette Syndrome Tic Resource Video

Cause of disorder & how the disorder is inherited

Damage or abnormalities to the basal ganglia of the brain.

Is it a mutation? Yes, its inherited.

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Living with Tourette Syndrome
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Can tourette's be treated?

No not exactly, tourettes does not have any specific medication that has been known to help reduce the symptoms. Neuroleptics is a strong drug that is useful for tics. Haloperidol and pimozide are very useful and reduces but there is no medication that eliminates the symptoms.

Can everyone have tourettes?

Tourettes occurs in people from all ethnic groups! Males are affected about three to four times more often than females. It has been estimated that 200,000 Americans have Tourettes.
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What ive learned

I've learned a lot about this disease and all its symptoms and how it affects many children.