Why the Vend POS System Matters the Most to Retail Stores

Vend’s robust, yet simple to use point of sale system is the future of the retail businesses of all shapes and sizes. Their POS system allows retailers to get incredible access to all aspects of your sales, inventory control, loyalty programs, and much more. Whether you are a large or small retail business with one or more than one hundred locations – anywhere in the world, you can benefit from the ability to run every aspect of your point of sales operations. Every feature of their POS system is adaptable for you and your lifestyle and your business style, opening it up to everyone with a retail business.

What Do You Need to Know about Vend?

In order to understand why you should implement Vend in your business, you need to know the multitude of features that are offered with the POS system.

In order to be as accessible as possible, the Vend system comes with both web-based or the highly popular iPad pos system too. Retailers can log on with either a Mac POS or PC computer, or use an iPad for on the go sales. Mac and PC computers are basic in any retail stores, as they are where all sales happen. However, with the ability to use an iPad as well, business owners can go on the road to Farmer’s Market nights and other large groupings of people that are outside of your physical premises. All of the purchases done on any of these systems will automatically sync into the cloud, so you have the most up to date information on sales.

As happens often in this technological age, the Internet can go down. Whereas with other systems your entire store will be unable to continue sales, with the POS you can still make sales. All sales are automatically will re-sync into your system once the Internet comes back online.

Training your staff has never been easier with this super simple to understand and use point of sale system. The pos system follows common sense, and is intuitive for everyone to use. Training a new employee can be a time consuming process, but with the Vend pos system, you can show them a few swipes, taps, and touches, and sales are complete.

Figuring out how to add discounts, sales, and other pricing changes on other complex and out-dated pos systems can be difficult. With the Vend pos system, you can make a quick note and save it into the system, and it is made easy for all employees to see, and more importantly, see how to implement that into a sale. Customers will also be able to see the discount and prices changes on their receipts.

On the same theme, this pos system will also allow you to run incredibly engaging customer loyalty programs to keep customer coming back and buying more items, more often. You can learn more about their customer loyalty software here.

With any retail business, the goal is to grow and expand as efficiently and effectively as possible. In order to grow and expand, you will need to be able to program different user accounts into your system for employees to make sales in the store at the point of sale or on the go too with a good mobile pos system, like Vend.

If you’re in the market for a high quality pos system, you can learn more about Vend’s point of sale features and benefits here, along with more information about their ipad pos system here.