Tech Tuesday

All About Mac

Now, Do You Love Your Mac?

I hope that everyone is settling into using their Mac. Using your Mac everyday will make it easier when we make the final switch. Here are a few tips and tricks to make work life easier with your new computer.
Moving T & G drive to favorites
Saving to G or T

Mac Parking Lot

The Mac Parking Lot is always open. It has resources for questions that you may have. I continue to check it, in case of new questions. You can use the search bar in your Google Drive to find the document. Look for Mac Parking Lot.

Changing Your Password

Be sure to use your Mac when prompted to change your password. (Your Mac will prompt you when it is time.) Changing your password on your PC can cause syncing issues that are difficult to correct.

Google Drive App

Did you know that there is a Google Drive App? When you download this app to your Mac, you are able to save to this Drive just like you would your G or Tdrive. Remember, G and T are going away one day. Google Drive has unlimited storage for educators and it is where our district would like you start saving your files. Here is the link to The Google Drive App Download.