La Semana de Espanol 1

Week of March 23

What will we be learning?

This week the main focus of our studies will be on common uses of the imperfect tense and how we talk about ourselves in the past. Assessment for this unit will not be in the form of a test, but rather a project! We will be creating posters on Thursday using old pictures from our childhood. Them we will use these posters in a short presentation in which we tell our classmates about what we used to be like.

Please make sure students bring pictures!

The Weeks Assignments

Monday: Exercises 3.1-3.6

Tuesday: Participate in #spanchat on Twitter.

Wednesday: Exercises 3.7-3.9

Thursday: Bring pictures for posters.

Friday: Be prepared with your speech.

Parents, please fill out form so I can begin to schedule parent teacher meetings:

Language Tables

Tuesday, Oct. 6th, 7pm

20111 U.S. 19

Cranberry Township, PA

Don't forget! The monthly Language Tables meeting is coming up soon! Head out to Emiliano's for an evening speaking with classmates entirely in Espanol!


Make sure students are keeping there Duolingo up to date - I check progress the last Friday of every month.

Culture Tidbit

Here is a sneak peak of our cultural focus for the next two weeks.
Easy Spanish 14 - Machu Picchu

New Decorations

Student work on display in our classroom - be sure to stop by and take a look during parent orientation next week!
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